Friday, June 30, 2006

b o r e d

i ' m b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

b o r e d

w a n n a g o o u t & p l a y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th tennis lesson

simply a recap of the previous lessons ... had a go at playing a proper game with scores in place and getting to know the positions for serves ...

my serve has improved somewhat but i still can't get the forehand going, let alone the backhand .... *sulk*



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

skeletons in the closet

we all have them ... deep dark secrets that we keep to ourselves ... the hidden persona that nobody else gets to see ... or the inner child that is just waiting to be exposed ... so its time to creep out of the closet ...

recent discoveries have opened the following closets :

lee is a ......... closet
j-mee is a ........ closet groupie (aka orgyist)
@lloy is a ......... closet gangsta (*respect*)
tee is a .......... closet dude (disclaimer : that contribution came from j-mee)
bee is a ........ closet meat eater (its tough being a vegan ... but there are certain cuts of meat that appeal to him)
jee is a .......... closet German lover (she just loves Germans and their sausages ... i.e. bratwurst not that kinda sausages ... erm, well maybe that too ... hahaha)
me? i am a ....... closet crooner

so what sort of a closet are you? a walk-in wardrobe?

p/s : further to the above, a new contribution came up during lunch ... bee is also a closet monkey ...with all that monkey business and ah meng-ish antics ... its no wonder


Sunday, June 25, 2006

9,001 birds

second part of the JBP outing (its still 9,000 birds ... couldn't help inflating the number) as i'm still having difficulty posting pictures online ... seems like the only way to upload more pics is to create another post ...

:: trivia time ::

new word : frugivorous (fruit-feeding)

its not just vegans anymore ... its fruit-tellas too!

:: Waterfall Aviary ::

why are we so shell-shocked?

1stly, cos its the LARGEST man-made waterfall in the WORLD!!!!

c'mon everybody say "Waaahhh!!!!"

2ndly, the name is just so corny ... Jurong Falls ... how creative can one get? duh ...

reminds me of the budget terminal, Budget Terminal

:: Pelican Cove ::

check out Weihua's wingspan

:: Emus & Ostriches ::

more pics here


9,000 birds

nah, this post is not about the stoopid Richard Gere Visa ad .... its about spending a day with 9,000 birds (600 species) at Jurong Bird Park (JBP) ...

FINALLY! school excursion relived .... its been ages since we have last been to JBP ... Wilson's first time there ... for Kay, Wei Hua & myself ... it was our second excursion ... post primary school days ...

the dreary weather (altho' the heavy downpour almost led to a postponement) was a blessing in disguise ... made the walk through bird paradise more pleasant ...

it was quite a fun experience ... the pictures say it all ...

:: the royal ramble - where we saw some pretty Victoria Crowned Pigeons ::

the following video captures the pigeon that escaped from the enclosure ...

short of being shy, it followed us around ... and freaked us out!

shortly after we managed to shirk the bird off ... it went after an ang moh couple and started humping at the guys leg while making funny noises ....

quite a horny fella eh?

:: at the Lory Loft - a walk-in flight aviary with 1,000 Lories ::

this is not for the faint-hearted ... if you are afraid of birds flying at breakneck speeds, then this is NOT the place to be at ... okay, i'm exaggerating ... but i seriously jumped out of my skin twice ... however, if you are game at having a go at feeding the birds ... it can be quite an experience ...

but beware ... these birds piss and shit all over the place ...


Saturday, June 24, 2006

soccer virgin ... no more

yes, World Cup fever has finally caught on ....

for the 1st time in my life, i actually caught an entire soccer match .... with the 'ees' at Muddy Murphy's ... match was between Spain and Saudi Arabia ... as predicted, it was not the most exciting of matches .... but managed to stay awake with a few yawns here and there .... its the beer effect la ...

oh well ... not bad for a first timer ...


Thursday, June 22, 2006

3rd tennis lesson

today's lesson lasted longer than usual ...2 hours!

lesson concentrated on the serve ... kept getting the coordination all wrong ...

1st step : bounce the ball
2nd step : bring the racquet to the back
3rd step : toss the ball and swing the racquet forward

sounds easy? apparently not ... i can't seem to toss the ball gracefully enough ... while swinging the racquet forward to hit the ball at the right moment ...

the 3 of us also seemed to have forgotten about the basics already ... we need to practice, practice, practice .... so if anyone is willing to take us on ... or throwing balls at us to practice our shots ... we'd be more than happy to take up the offer ...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

qualifications? my @$$ ...

more acronyms ... mostly from the accountant's point of view ...
CFA = Cute Fine Ass / Cute Firm Ass
CPA = Cute Perky Ass
CA = Cute Ass
BA = Big Ass
BBA = Big Bad Ass
if you do not possess the above qualifications, then it is N.A. ................. No Ass!
in the firm's context, having your own portolio of clients makes you an AH (allocation holder)
in other words ...


Sunday, June 18, 2006

sunday - a day of great eats

did loads today ... and ate loads as well ...

8am : headed to Keppel for some swings with Wilson ... turns out that the rest of the sleepy heads were still in lala land ... oh well ... was game for another shot at golf ... still suck at it ... so if anyone is keen on lessons ... i'm game ...

10.30 am : half an hour late for brunch session at PS cafe @ Dempsey Road ... fortunately, we managed to get a table for 11 ... but only 8 showed up ...

fyi ... PS Cafe stands for Project Shop Cafe ... NOT Plaza Singapura Cafe ...

place is as nice as can be ... atmosphere was purr-fect for a sunday brunch ... sunny skies ... lush greenery (we did alfresco) ... piped jazz in the background ... beautiful people with beautiful kids (spotted Shabnam Melwani + hubby) ... and of course ... great company ...

food was good too! the pictures show it all ... it looks as good as it tastes!!! enuf said ...

:: food! glorious food!!! ::

:: shiny happy people ::

:: the motorolans vs ... ::

:: ..... the sole nokian + sony ericssonians ::

1 pm : headed towards far east plaza ... the boys ... Vin Wee + Wilson got a hair cut ... very stylo-mylo!!! second meal of the day - infamous chicken rice at far east

*** interesting discovery ***

Out of the 7 who had chicken rice ... 5 opted for breast meat ... Wei Hua was so dumbfounded (he must be thinking, my friends are such losers ... hahaha)

yea yea yea, people who prefer breast meat don't know what they are missing out on ... still its leaner, healthier and waaayy easier to eat ... according to me that is ...


hung around orchard ... did some shopping ... to kill time for our movie ...

5pm : caught the horror flick 'The Omen' at Lido ... totally corny ... don't watch it ... in the absence of good movies, i think chick flicks are still better ...

7pm : third meal of the day - porridge at Chinatown followed by dessert at Temple Street (same place as where i ate with fam-lee the day before) ...

trawled around Chinatown, got our bearings mixed up in attempting to locate much hyped Majestic Hotel ... finally found it and it was COOL! very snazzy decor sprawled with designer furniture ... love the raw ceilings ... and the Bourgie table lamps from Kartell ... i want!!! checked out the swimming pool ... which was really tiny ... but the pot holes are uber cool ... we got chased out in less than 5 minutes ...

:: New Majestic Hotel ::

:: shiny + happy people still ::

10.30pm : headed home ...

long day but accomplished 2 items off my 'places to check out' list :

PS Cafe @ Dempsey Road : check
Revamped Majestic Hotel : check

more pics here

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

kolo kolo kolo mee

coincidence! dinner plans with relatives : jia xiang kuching kolo mee!!!


for me, kolo mee (aka wanton noodles + char siew ... usually served dry) lies close to my stomach ... i mean ... heart ... after all, its what i often had for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner during the years in AMK ...

was planning to hit the joint the whole of this week with the peeps after reading about it on
kenny sia's blog ... showed it to tee and when she read it ... she was so drooling as well ��� anyway, plans to visit the joint with the peeps fell through ... and with a stroke of luck, the fam-lee was headed for the same kuching kolo mee for dinner tonight! woohoo!

we set off towards Chinatown for the much anticipated *drool* kuching kolo mee .... oh man, it was damn good ... the wiry noodles may look a lil like instant noodles ... but take a bite ... and it is smooth with a light tangy taste *slurp* ... aahhhh ...

prices are double of what you would normally pay for a plate of kolo mee ... expect to pay extra for additional ingredients like prawn and/or abalone ...

:: eat your heart out! ::

will definitely go back ~ so peeps, this coming week? ��� spied another 2 more outlets by the same joint around the Chinatown area ��� so spoilt for choice now ���

+ + + + +

thereafter ... headed to Timbre for the late night flea market ... picked up a book by Rupert Everett (the actor) for 50 cents!!! and another Anne Rice novel (The Vampire Lestat) ... turns out that i had already read it ... so promptly passed it to mum for van to sell online ... bummer ... am still searching for Interview with a Vampire ... read most of the Vampire Chronicles except for the first one!!!


dad-ee's day

Friday 16.06.2006

early father's day celebration at MoS with puff dad-ee ~ Ollie and pimp dad-ee ~ Damien, as usual arrived with his entourage of chicks ...

seriously ... it was to celebrate Ollie's bee-day (its a Ollie Ollie Day!) ... planned for him to drink 25 shots (in 2.5 minutes) + smoke 25 ciggies (in 2.5 hours) all in one night ... lalalala ... that obviously didn't happen ... hahaha

soccer fever was quite a dampener as the dance floor at PURE was closed off to make way for a huge projector screen ... elsewhere, the place was packed with people glued to the multiple TV screens ... somehow, the party mood was a lil lost ...

but nevertheless we had fun and i think Ollie still emerged a happy + sober bee-day boy ...

p/s : syl ~ we miss ya!!! wish you were here ...


Friday, June 16, 2006


3rd lunch instalment with JD today ... this time at this new eatery called Flowerbed at Pekin Street, Far East Square ....

read about it in the papers and the colleagues have dined there with pretty decent reviews ... opened by 2 celebs ... Benjamin Heng + Deborah Sim ... unfortunately, both were not around when we had lunch ...

place is cosy and comfy with reasonable prices to match ... but i think the overall review was so-so ... signature dishes are the hand-made noodles ... j-mee & i had the tom yam version, jee tried the wonton noodles, JD had the chilli flakes (signature dish) ... @lloy and bee differed in their choices by having non-noodle orders ...

with such decent prices, i'm inclined to go back ... and hopefully get served by Ben the man ... hee


Thursday, June 15, 2006

2nd tennis lesson

owww ... my left arm is aching ...

today's lesson focused on the backhand ... first using one hand, then using both hands to hit the ball ... had fun once again :)

coach forgot about our lesson today ... got put in a spot as our lesson clashed with another's ... which explained his 'stunned' look when we entered the court ... the look was priceless ... hahaha

we had to wait for our turn and we made use of the opportunity to play among ourselves for a good half hour .. hitting tennis balls like flying saucers ... wait ... that was just vin wee .... me? i missed the balls as usual ... although when it came to the actual lesson ... i advertently shot at coach's ... erm ... balls .... by accident ... a couple of times ... oops!

oh, and chinyi's moves are good! pretty graceful ... solid!

next lesson : merging the forehand + the backhand ... and maybe the SERVE ...


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PT tantrums

i wish to throw a Public Transport (PT) tantrum ... so indulge me won't you?

alright, here goes ... i HATE it when people with hair (usually very long or very curly) all over the place brush against me (i mean, not once but many times) ... in particular, this happens very often in a crowded train or a bus ... ok granted, sometimes it can't be helped ... but still, i am especially irritated when these people have a conversation and become ever so animated that they start bobbing their heads violently ... or worse ... swishing their manes ever so often ... oblivious to other passengers standing/sitting next to them/behind them!!! i mean ... can't they themselves touching a foreign object?

eeewww!!! it just irks me to the core!!!

hello??? the last thing i want is some brushing/dusting from rapunzel ...



remember the boy or the girl from school whom you absolutely idolized ... wishing you could emulate them in every single way ... the items they possesed (funky pencil boxes, colourful stationery, trendy sports shoes, cool haversack, throwing fantastic bee-day parties, etc) , the way they carried themselves, the attention they received ...

you know ... the prefect that everyone respected ... the nicest class monitor ... teacher's pet ... yeah, i had my idols when i was in school ... i mean in kindergarten and in primary school .. lets skip secondary school life cos that's where the pai kiahs come in ...

you would imagine them to be the perfect adult when they grow up ... still good looking, respectable and all ...

anyway, i happened to see one of my primary school idols during lunch today and was i disappointed ... pudgy ... not so cool ... like WTF happened to the cool factor?! well, that's one idol eliminated ...

maybe we should have a school idol contest ... it will be like homecoming ....


false alarm

oops! turned out to be falsies ... er ... i don't mean those ...

thanks jem for bursting my bubble ... apparently, there was no real fan so to speak ... some !/>#^*&!@% spammer who sent 61 mass emails on those blud-dee posts!!!

but like i told jem ... i'm gonna leave the comments for the sake of my ego ... hahaha

too lazy to delete one by one lah ...


Monday, June 12, 2006

fan mail

61 posts to be exact!!!

logged on to my email account this morning ... and to my amazing astonishment ... there were 61 new messages! all within a span of less than 8 hours ... yes that's how much sleep i get ...

an anonymous blogger .... new die hard fan has left 61 comments on donutland ... !!!!!!!! totally unheard of ain't it? i feel like the princess of bloggerland already ... with xiaxue as the reigning queen of course ... machiam like the zoe tay vs. fann wong saga .... hahahahaha

whoever you are ... I LOVE YOU!!!!! *muacks*

i'm glad i am establishing readership ... to those who have not been catching up on a regular basis .... tsk tsk ... shame on you ... you dunno what you are missing out on ...



Saturday, June 10, 2006


TiT ... a new training program to enter Tai Tai-hood ... not everyone is born a Tai Tai ok???

if you have time, browse the website
Localbrand and check out the shirt films ... includes a short commentary on Tai Tai-hood ...

countries i have visited

i need a long haul vacation ... came across this interesting website from my surfs ...

visited 11 countries (4%) ... seems pathetic eh?

create your own visited country map

check it out!

by the way, airport transits DO NOT COUNT!


fry-dee dy-dee day

didn't feel like going to work today ... took urgent leave ... managed to convince tee to take half day so that we could go for high tea ... since it has been ages since we last had high tea ... hahaha ... my persuasion skills worked ... yay!!! tai tai lifestyle ... here we come!

started off the day with a complimentary massage ... courtesy of the good credit card folks ... unfortunately, the massage was not as pleasant as i had hoped ... had a massage using ginseng oils (apparently a house specialty) which was absolutely overpowering ... ended up smelling like freakin' ginseng root ... total turn off!!! had to buy wet wipes to rid of the smell to not much effect ... damnit!

high tea at tiffin room at raffles hotel .... the best high tea buffet i have had so far ... international buffet ... with a good selection of western and eastern finger food .... excellent food quality, no doubt about it ...

the service was impeccable ... i mean, really really impeccable ... plate of food gets delivered to the table after you have made your selection ... folded napkins + change of cutlery every time you leave the table for another round at the buffet, cups of tea/coffee are never left unfilled, even messy crumbs get dusted off the table so you'd still get to maintain dignity and decorum even though its a pig-out (haha) ... the attentiveness of the waiters is just so amazing!!! this is service worth paying for ...

pigged for 2 solid hours ... shiok! worth every cent! would like to try lunch/dinner next ...

shopped, shopped and shopped ... shall not elaborate further ...

sigh ... the fairytale ends ....

:: curios at seah street ::


Thursday, June 08, 2006

1st tennis lesson

my 1st tennis lesson almost didn't fruition ... fell sick last week ... and it threatened to rain today ... prompting another postponement ... but luckily the downpour happened much earlier and lessons kicked off at the courts at amrita spa ...

1st lesson was all about the grip, forehand, controlling the swing, footwork ... all of us had a lot of fun ... although vin wee seemed pretty angsty from the shots he delivered ... hahahaha ... work stress ...

coach kan was good ... very talkative + affable + encouraging + patient ... not like the stern PE teacher that i imagined him to be ...

looking forward to the 2nd lesson ... the backhand!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006


seems like i have a clone in the office ... hmm ... double vision?

the managers came up excitedly to me with the clone ... proclaiming that we look soooo alike ... like sisters .... ya right! ... "similar features" ... hmm ... maybe?

lee ... can join your lookalike club already ... maybe we should have a contest eh?


Sunday, June 04, 2006

sports day + flea day

woke up at at ungodly hour today ... 845am ... for a Sunday ... totally ungodly for me ...

mission for the day : first attempt at the driving range @ Keppel for me .... kay went swimming, yisheng + melvin hit the gym, wilson + guoyong + luhan were the regular golfers ... even wenhui was pretty good with her swings

me? i totally suck! hahaha ... oh well, there is always the first try ... looks easy, but the swing is damn hard to work on ... not only that ... the grip, the stance/posture ... not easy lah ... i'll stick to trying to learn how to play tennis for now ...

headed down to dempsey road ... wanted to try out ps cafe for brunch (very nice setting/atmosphere!) ... unfortunately, it was too crowded ... had to wait at least an hour to get a table for 8 ... since we were famished, had the dim sum buffet at dragon gate @ harbour front instead ... too much food! waaaayyy toooo much ...

next stop, golden mile to check out kay's coach tickets & at the same time checked out packages for tioman ... thereafter, headed to funan to get yisheng's laptop ... which unfortunately had no stock ...

last stop ... zouk flea market! yisheng actually believed that we were going there for a tea-dance ... hilarious!!! hahahaha

flea market was larger than usual with a lot more stalls ... for the first time, i didn't buy a single item ... control control control ... rather, it was too crowded to really shop/browse anyway ...

hunger pangs took over for kay + me ... headed to the hawker centre at zion road to whet our appetites ... finally satisfied the craving for fried omelette with oysters ... *slurp* :)

:: at zouk ::

no man's land

went off-road driving today ... first time!!!

the place? no man's land ... yea, off the beaten track ... pictures do no justice to the place ... its much nicer to see it first hand ... set on an empty plot of reclaimed land ... with no buildings in sight ... with the sea breeze and clear waters ... beautiful sunset ... just relaxes you altogether ....

had a go at driving the jeep on rough and rocky terrain ... quite a fun + bumpy experience ... not fun as a passenger but in the driver's seat ... way cool! ... seeing the muddy water splash all over ... shiok! ... hahahaha .... we had to go for a car wash immediately after ... the stares that we got on the road were pretty ugly ...

also went to check out the tua pek kong temple at Changi/Loyang ... where you get to worship 3 religions at the same place ... hinduism, islam + buddhism ... hmm ... felt like a domestic tourist today ...


Thursday, June 01, 2006


heartfelt congrats to the peeps ... @lloy, jee & j-mee who successfully edged out 12 others for the UK secondment program!!!!

woohoo! sweeping 3 out of 4 places available .... unbelievable!!!!

oh man, i'm so happy for you guys ... wish i was offered the program as well ... ah well, i think i have said that many times over ...

well well, maybe we could all pay you guys a visit when your tenure ends and holiday together? that would be way cool!

jem, time to start shopping for winter wear! remember GSS is now on :)

jagged lil pill

pills for sore throat
pills for runny nose
pills for headache
pills for giddyness
pills for fever
pills for the kutiya who didn't bother to cover my @$$ while i was on MC ...
yup, da donut is all pilled up ....