Friday, June 16, 2006


3rd lunch instalment with JD today ... this time at this new eatery called Flowerbed at Pekin Street, Far East Square ....

read about it in the papers and the colleagues have dined there with pretty decent reviews ... opened by 2 celebs ... Benjamin Heng + Deborah Sim ... unfortunately, both were not around when we had lunch ...

place is cosy and comfy with reasonable prices to match ... but i think the overall review was so-so ... signature dishes are the hand-made noodles ... j-mee & i had the tom yam version, jee tried the wonton noodles, JD had the chilli flakes (signature dish) ... @lloy and bee differed in their choices by having non-noodle orders ...

with such decent prices, i'm inclined to go back ... and hopefully get served by Ben the man ... hee



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