Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tennis Gear

I've got my tennis racquet, tennis shoes, tennis balls, tennis bag ... now all i want is a tennis bracelet!

No, not one of those Lance Armstrong bands or sweatbands my dear ... a tennis bracelet is a row of diamonds that snakes round the wrist ...

Been eyeing one for years already ... mum can attest to that ... hehe ... but cannot afford lah ... it costs at least ten grand man ...

So I got all excited when I came across the zirconia version set in rodium (as opposed to diamonds set in white gold/platinum) by Charles Winston (apparently Harry Winstons' nephew) at Tangs ... funny, the two Winstons are poles apart!

The damage? $299

Tempting ... c'mon make my Sharapova dream come true ...


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Moi Chinoserie

With the upcoming Lunar New Year, I created a line of jewelry that will be sold at SY's shop selling quirky cheongsams. This is a very late delivery, having promised her that I would come up with a line of jewelry since September last year.

Plagued by guilt, I spent last Sunday afternoon working with the materials that I had bought from Hong Kong while using other knick knacks from my collection of vintage finds as well.

Here is a preview of my efforts :)



Ms Piggy

Oh my gawd! The past week was full of pig out sessions!!! I seriously need to go on a diet or control my food intake ...

Uberburger on Monday night with fee (the new 'ee'? hmm...we'll see) and lee. Didn't have the funds to stomach the infamous one-oh-one burger, costing what else but $101. Settled for more reasonable choices which were still good nonetheless.

We had the official catch-up session on Tuesday night at Kazu Sumi-Yaki at Cuppage Plaza, serving a good round of yakitori sticks. Lee's recommendation and it didn't disappoint - it was darn good!!! In fact, the simplest appetizer of raw cabbage with miso past was surprisingly wonderful on the palate. Healthy yet packed with wholesome miso flavour. We ordered a whole range of skewers, ranging from the not so adventurous fare of sausages with cheese, asparagus with mushrooms, chicken skin, squid, lamb, wagyu beef (yeah baby!) ... to exotic Fear Factor cum @lloy's favourites of chicken heart and gizard. My favourite had to be the foie gras, which was really juicy and succulent.

Power Lunch on Friday at Brussel Sprouts (B.S.) located at The Pierside at Robertson Quay. Just next to Brasserie Wolf where we had our last Power Lunch. With mussels as the signature dish, @lloy/j-mee/lee/jee/sharon opted for the bucket of mussels done in different styles. However, it didn't live up to expectations as the mussels were ridiculously small ... actually, they were so tiny, they resembled clams instead.

fee/jacq/me opted for the $19.90 set lunch which was quite a disappointment. My mussels in vinegar was not appetizing at all, my duck linguine was served lukewarm and wasn't tasty enough, while fee + jacq's fish and chips didn't fare too well either. The only saving grace was dessert. The pecan pie + ice-cream / brownie + ice-cream was pretty good.

Wouldn't go back to B.S. as its really quite BS. By the way, its the same people that opened Archangel at Great World City as well, and if you remember, except for desserts, it sucked too.

So I can only conclude one thing. They are better at desserts!!!


Thursday, January 18, 2007

United Once Again

The 'ees' are back in the office ... there is sooo much to catch up on ... the trips within Europe, kama sutra 102, overweight baggage (so much shopping!), working style at our UK office, living in UK, porn ... hahaha, the works!

From 7 of us ... to 6 ... and then 3 ... and now 6 again ... and yes, back to the original 7 again come 5 February 2007 .... welcome back, tee!!! We have really come full circle within the past 4 months ...

Am hoping that we will be able to ride through the storm as a 7 ... yea!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Deep Purple

A new year ... a new look ...

A much shorter hair cut, in fact the shortest in ages. I was getting tired of the long locks which were getting too heavy for comfort. However, I resisted the urge to go for a really really short hairstyle ... am still too chicken for the androgynous look.

I was also bored with the blonde inner streaks. Hence, the need for an overhaul. Purple streaks ala Barney!!! Hopefully this will last longer than the sailor-moon pink highlights.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sweet Sixteen!

youngest bling turns 16 real soon ... here are pics of the b'day celebration

couldn't resist cam-whoring with tall + good-looking 16 year olds ... yea yea ... cradle snatcher!

but seriously, they are a really cute bunch! :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sloshed ...

at the tax party held at Velvet ... what a way to ring in the new year and the upcoming tax season ...

in line with tradition, hard core drinkers reveal themselves (cos its free flow of booze) while the not so hard core ones get dragged into the downing of booze as well ... and also this year was not without scandals ... haha, ok i was exaggerating ... not that i know of any scandals that took place, but seriously, I felt that this year's party was more fun than usual ... with the excellent venue (my fav playground!) and greater group cohesiveness amongst the department (generally everyone was very sporting), we bagged the top prizes for both games that took place during the party ...

in the first game, J-dee, Darryl and myself took the prize for the beer drinking competition ... among the 5 teams that took part, we were the fastest team to finish a jug of beer through straws ... hehe, with J-dee around, we were definite winners!

in the second game, lee took the prize in the scavenger hunt thanks to the missing 5th clue ... to find a drunken person - ME!!! hahaha

yea, i almost got wasted after downing at least 20 shots of vodka/tequila amongst other drinks ... as Stef said ... the liver is evil and needs to be punished ... yea i know ... wtf?!

this has been the best tax party EVER!!!

:: jeremy + angie showing off their sexy moves ::

:: ooohh! bumped into keith ... 1st to celebrated his 2.8 ...

and of couse, we had damien's company as usual ::


Friday, January 05, 2007

Cover Girl

Remember the earlier post where I mentioned about my magazine contribution?

Well, here it is!!!! In the December 2006 edition (Issue 005)

Check it out on

Love N.E.E.T for its fashion spreads, photography and quirky advertisements ...


Thursday, January 04, 2007

K Fever

I have caught the K bug from tee + lee!!!

In a single week, I finished Goong aka Princess Hours and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (omg! how cute is Daniel Henney!!! *drool*)

Am now on to my next Korean drama ... My Girl! I am addicted!!!

So far the serials are all funny and lighthearted ... and not the soppy ones that leave one tugging at sleeves or reaching out for the tissue box every now and then ... ahhh, the wonders of YouTube ... this is bliss ...

Caught quite a number of movies in the past week as well ...

Borat - sickening funny + crude humour ... definitely not for the faint-hearted ... go catch if you are a huge Ali G fan ... otherwise, please please watch Da Ali G show on YouTube first to get a glimpse of what's in store ...

Blood Diamond - impressive performance from Leonardo DiCaprio... love the accent ... lotsa action ... good plot

Night At The Museum - feel good humour, whimsical characters and as always, Ben Stiller rocks!