Tuesday, February 28, 2006

towels anyone?

yup, you guessed it! more towel-throwers this week ... well, actually both came in last friday.

one was expected - it was just a matter of time ...

the other - totally unexpected, given that the commencement of employment was only a mere two months ago ...

to make things worse, both resignations came from my team! which only means one thing : the s**tload is set to spill over to the existing team members ... uh huh, we have to pick up the dirty towels ... damnit!

the vicious circle gathers speed and becomes a bigger tumble weed ...

Sunday, February 26, 2006


sorry for the belated post jem ... this one's especially for u ... awww ....

this is the first time we had 100% attendance for the 'ees' + @lloy for a hardcore clubbing session. this was not be to missed! since, it was tee's birthday celebration, there was no trouble cajoling j-mee & @lloy to hit the watering hole ... velvet underground it was!

the night started on a hilarious note when tee tried to set velvet on fire! somehow, the serviettes caught the flame from the tea-light and before u know it ... flames! luckily j-mee managed to put the light out with his shoes ... yea, u bet ... tee really wanted to burn, well ... bring the house down ...

we then started with the 'finger guessing' game and the stakes were ...

1st round of drinks : 2 jugs of vodka cranberry
2nd round of drinks : 2 jugs of bourbon coke
3rd round : tee was out like a light ... zzzzz

oh man!

the night went on and it took a while to finally get bee to hit the dance floor .. what it took ... about 7 shots (or more?) of b-52s, zabuka, sex on the beach, apple liquer .... oh yes, even @lloy hit the floor ... way cool!

by the end of the night, we were all bushed and deliriously 'happy' ...

happy birthday, tee!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

deadlines ... deadlines ... deadlines

i feel like i am walking on a thin line,
imitating an amatuer on a tight rope,
with nothing but deadlines on my mind
: : :
my heart palpitates with the rush of adrenaline,
while i clench my fists as i go through the piles of s**t and grime.
all i can do to vent my frustration is just blog and whine
: : :
fingers tapping away at the keyboard,
incessant ringing of the telephone,
constant stream of emails and faxes,
as i lose track of time
without any claim for overtime
: : :
if only we had more than 24 hours in a day
- wouldn't that be sublime?
: : :
~ the dead poet

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

an indecent proposal

uh huh ... received an indecent proposal from one of my clients today ...

i had to call one of my clients to check on his marital status as he indicated his status as 'single' but he had 3 kids ... i thought it was an oversight on his part but called him to check nevertheless ... so anyway, my client maintained that he was single and had three kids ... so i went a step further to ask if he was divorced cos' he could claim for ex-wife relief for the alimony paid ... his reply : 'how can i be divorced if i was never married?' ... which goes to say that this guy is quite a naughty fella ... a very naughty one indeed!

a couple more questions ensued and we were heading towards the end of our conversation ... my client remarked, 'now that you know i have an open heart ... you are most welcomed to my open heart' ... okay, his english wasn't all that fantastic ... being french/portugese ... he added 'however, the open heart comes attached with the 3 kids, since i am a responsible father ... so let me know if you are interested' ... how about that?!

my reply : 'send me your picture first' ... and no, i have no idea how much he earns at this point as his remuneration details are not in yet .... so, stay tuned ....

a suggestion for the tax folks (yep, as discussed with the peeps) ... next years TDO must make it mandatory for clients to send a photo of themselves ... solely for identification purposes, of course *wink* ...

toh-may-toe / toh-mah-toe

the lunch time talk "1,000 commonly mispronounced words" (read mis-pro-nunsed) by denise tessensohn (read tair-sen-sen) left us with our hands up in disbelief (we must have said 'oh my gawd!' & 'are you serious?!?!?!' like a thousand times!) ... and in peals of laughter!

it was amazing to find out that common words like 'is' (read izz), 'was' (read wazz), 'has' (read hazz), 'because' (read be-cauzz) ... ok you get the drift ... are subject to mispronunciation! alrighty, it's queen's english from now on ...

some other examples :

morale is read as mu-RALE
file is read as fy-YLE
route is read as rOO-t
awry is read as a-RAI
accessories is read as ACK-cessories

note the emphasis ...

overall it was great fun and very educational and enjoyable indeed ...

sure beats the 9 tones in cantonese and 17 tones in teochew ...

Monday, February 20, 2006


i have been cheena-fied! no lah, its not that serious ...

for starters, i never EVER thought that one day i would start listening to Jay Chou and actually liking his music ... its sooo not me!

well, i have been listening to Jay only on nights when i have to work late ... that's when i plug into my iPod and Jay comes on ... why???? cos' half the time i can't understand what he is crooning about ... plus the background music is easy listening ... hence, i am able to concentrate more on my work ... well, tonight is no exception ... Jay is singing to me right now :) but anyhow ... he IS good!!!

oh yes, the end of the mee rebus story was a happy one ... i finally got to have a plate yesterday + 2 pratas ... yumm!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

mee rebus

i was craving for mee rebus after last night's tennis session at bee's place ... went to newton hawker centre for a late night dinner ... chicken wings, fried omelette with oysters & sugar-cane juice... boy, were we quenched for thirst! ... but no mee rebus

lunch at golden mile today ... its been ages since i last went there for a proper meal ... i really miss the chicken rice and the beef ball noodles ... so i settled for the latter ... still no mee rebus

the plan for the afternoon was to head over to The Concourse for a Flea Mart and somehow, there was no event at all!!! called j-mee and tee to see i got the details right ... tee said that the venue was correct ... i just did a check and all the facts about the Flea Mart were in order.... damnit! tried calling the organizer to uncover the reason for the 'no show' to no avail ...

but all was not lost, trotted down to arab street ... and bought some knick knacks which i hope to turn into wearable art ... so that was Flea Day for me ...

dinner at Hooked on Heads with Grandma and relatives ... it was curry flavour of the day! food was satisfying ... sayur lodeh, mala tofu, fish head curry and the highlight : mee siam *thumbs up*

still no mee rebus .... sigh ...

koo-tee-yah interrupted

talk among the 'ees' have circled around kutiyas (koo-tee-yahs) all week ... some have blogged about it, we have exchanged MSNs, had bitching seesions ... so now its my turn to blog about it proper ...

yep, i have my own fair share of kutiyas too ... this one, is an off-shore (from the land of 'semua boleh') kutiya who came on board this year ... this particular kutiya has the perennial habit of interrupting my conversations ... which is so irritating!!! when i am engaged with a conversation with someone, she has this tendency to interrupt and talk to the person i am having a conversation with ... i mean, c'mon man ... "hell-loo?! i'm talking here!" quit sticking your @$$ everywhere!

also, she has this sing-song voice when she calls my nay-ber each time she sashays over to my aisle .... irritating!!!!! *roll eyes*, *middle finger* ... my aisle is turning into a fishmarket ... not only that, she likes to stick her butt (yea, she sticks it everywhere!) in between the narrow space separating me and my nay-ber's seats (the backs of our chairs face each other) ... so whenever the kutiya is around, i have to try really hard not to accidentally push against my nay-ber's chair ... oops! i did it again .... no apologies there

argh!!!!! save us from the kutiyas!!!!

for those who *scratch head* ~ "what is a kutiya?" .... go figure

Friday, February 17, 2006

love thy job

"LOVE YOUR JOB BUT NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMPANY (Because you never know when it stops loving you)"

yup, that was the message circulated to me via email today ...

over time, i'm sure all of us have received countless emails bitching about one's job ... how the pay sucks ... slogging long hours for meagre bonuses ... employee found dead on desk ... how to appear really busy and hardworking but you actually have nothing better to do than to surf the net and chat online ... ok, the last one is off track ... i am definitely not guilty on that one

today was my mentor's last day in the office ... yea, my 'mentor' aka 'timesheet slasher', 'recovery rate free loader', 'chief delegator' ... not that i received much mentorship anyway ... its always 'fya/fyi' ... 'please discuss' .... i have no feelings about him leaving the firm ... someone commented about 'sadness' ... i was like 'huh?' *scratch head* .... someone commented 'good riddance' .... uh huh ... *nod head*

we are so easily replaceable these days ... less than an hour after his departure, his displayed name outside his room was taken off and replaced by another name ... yea, balek-kampong and akan datang ...

oh well ...

tunnel vee-sion

yes ... i think i am suffering from tunnel vee-sion ...

seems that ppl have claimed to have seen me on the streets and i have somehow not noticed them ... and somehow they expect me to have 'seen' them ... no, i am not 'dao' okay ... just that i tend not to have roving eyes, unlike the vast majority out there ... hahahaha

so the next time if you see on the street, give a shout man ... make your presence known and help me cure my tunnel vee-sion puh-leese?


Thursday, February 16, 2006

boeing boeing

went for drinks at bala ... mr boeing boeing has been going places ... travelling by business class and getting special treatment from air stewardesses ... ahhh ... someone is going places ...

a great way to ride ... ahem ... i mean fly *wink*

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Lexicons V

the REAL Vee-Day Vocab :

n. a girl who puts out for carnations.

cryday the 13th
n. The day before Valentine���s Day if you don���t have a boy/girlfriend.

n. Aid for injuries sustained during aerobic bedroom exercises (particularly by non-aerobic types).

long-stem posers
n. people who send themselves flowers from a ���secret admirer.���

v. to walk the thin line between love and hate. (I lote Johnny. One day he���s a dollface; the next he���s a total wanker.)

poxes of chocolate
n. Last-minute purchases of cheap, red-cellophane-wrapped, low-quality chocolates that make one immediately ill.

n. public display of rejection: when your valentine takes you somewhere lovely only to break your heart in front of strangers.

n. Shallow sentimentalist who sends valentines to everyone she knows. (���Don���t be flattered by Josie���s card. She���s a notorious Valenspammer.���)

whew! no poxes of chocolate this year! thanks bee, for the sweet Royce chocs ... aww ... that was a really sweet gesture man! u sure know that the way to our hearts is thru our stomach ... hahaha


"Or, as many Singaporeans pronounce it: 'Vanstine Day' " as quoted from Colin Goh's article in the Straits Times.

yea, yea, its that time of the year again ... haha ... sour grapes :)

received my first bouquet of 12 roses for the day from jackson ... a virtual one from MSN ... *faint* ....

ok ... its the thought that counts ... so, jackson tay eng kiat, thanks man! love, lynn lee mei ling.

anyway, will be watching 'casanova' tonite with half the 'ees' ... amongst us will be one lucky casanova ... oh well ... its back to work if we are gonna leave at 5.30pm sharp today!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

taboo associations

round of games at mind cafe

1st : taboo (too many revelations)
2nd : pit (aka heart attack)
3rd : galloping pigs (hilarious!)
4th : blockus (mind racking strategy)

its amazing what sort of words/descriptions we associate people with ... some revealing examples while playing taboo ...

crocodile : bee's fav brand of shirts
thong : what TLK would never wear
g-string : what TLK would never EVER wear
muscle : @lloy!!!
double-chin : what GN, OBC has ...

there were some more ... but can't really remember ... peeps, u wanna add in more examples?

playing pit really kept the adrenaline going ... someone got hammered quite a few times ... hmmm ...

galloping pigs was really cute! but i lost really badly ... my pigs didnt manage to get enough food to win the race ... but guess what, the vegan won!!! argh!!!! its the revenge of the vegan !!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

money laundering

money laundering takes on a whole new meaning when tee declares that her coins are now cleaner than ever due to some "accidental spins" in the washer

hmm ... hence the move by the gah-men to introduce more plastic notes in a bid to increase money laundering?

in true tee-style ... "wah piangz" .... hahahaha

da donut in karaoke land

went for karaoke after work with @lloy and the 'ees' (aka tee, lee, j-mee) ... bee couldnt make it due to 'work commitments' but gee came after her jap class ... and only sang one song!

session was quite hilarious with tee out belting in jay's semi-hokien song ... and j-mee's close to being breathless eminen rap ... overall it was great fun :)

found a new idol ... jay's best fren apparently ... erm cant remember his name ... guys please help me out here ... what's his name? damn cute lah *drool*

hehe ... ok its off to la-la land ... need to stay awake for tmw's early morning meeting


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

donutland exists!

and u thot that it was make believe.... *tsk tsk*

donutland really exists! in Cedar Falls, Iowa City

this pic was actually taken during a seige ... hmm ... someone must have gone do-NUTS!

70-hour Gag

met angie & karen for dinner / catch-up session at coffee club taka...managed to get a window seat which gave us a bird's eye view of the 70-hour gag...where 7 dee-jays are 'silenced' for 70 hours to raise funds for charity....yea, something similar to the subaru impreza chanllenge thingy but a lot less strenuous....judging from the osim chairs and foot massagers that each transparent cube came equipped they had laptops to occupy their time with...sounds like a breeze to me...

went to check out the action proper after dinner and saw the dee-jays during their break where they came out of the cube to mingle around...while still being 'silenced' of course....they communicated via whiteboards & markers with the crowd...and was there a crowd! didn't know that shan from eye for a guy was a dee-jay for 98.7fm....yea, not a fan of perfect 10...anyhow, boy was he cute!

sigh...2 more ppl have thrown in the towel this week...and the number of towel-throwers is set to rise.....

my cherry got popped!

oh yea baby, my cherry got popped! hehehe...

yes, this is my first virgin voyage into the land of blogging....

with an astounding number of requests to start my own blog...i have succumbed to those frantic pleas to present....donutland!!!....da space where donuts like u and me...well...go donuts...

to start off, some credit should to
jaykay...u are the inspiration off is tee-ograhy...ur blogs keep me going....and of course my lovely sis and bro...u started it all!!!!

anyway, back to blogging proper...i have officially declared monday nites...teevo nights!

~ 9 pm : nine lives on arts central
~ 10 pm : despo housewives (yea...i'm living my dream)
~ 11 pm : grey's anatomy

sat in front of the tee-vo with files in hand (uh else could i escape u think?)

caught half of nine lives and i must say it was pretty good...well, i actually enjoyed the 'making of nine lives' they ensembled the they conducted improv was way cool....makes me wanna be part of it....but seriously, the closest i came to acting was back in sec school in ELDDS...had to put up a performance in front of the entire school...the plot was lousy and needless to sux....

oh well, despo was the usual....i'm starting to enjoy grey's anatomy more and more....for those who know, i cannot fathom the sight of innards or reel-life operations...yea i know...even on tee-vee...but i think i have overcome that ever since i started reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (Chris, if ur reading this...u know how i are the fount and u led me there...), now they kinda turn me on! okayyy....maybe not 'turned on'....but i'm cool with it there

how's that for my first blog? ;)