Monday, July 31, 2006

giggles vs gaffaws

a giggler vs a gaffawer
hee hee vs ha ha
i prefer the ha s
not a fan of hee s ........ eeewwwww!
p/s : men should not giggle ...


Life is a Cabaret

Saturday 29.07.2006

saturday night and 5 of the 'ees' were online ... so what else but to round up the gang for a night out ... after all its saturday night and we shouldn't be moping at home facing the computer screen ... its loser mentality! ok, ok ... that sounded harsh ...

anyway, we didn't manage to convince tee to come out and play :) ... still too shagged out from the waterfall the night before ... heh ... and bee had plans already *tsk tsk* ... so lee & I turned on the charms and convinced j-mee to tag along ... yes!!! its a score for the the lees!

its been a while since we last had a chill-out session without anyone getting drunk ... so saturday night was a nice change ... here's us at PS Cafe at Dempsey Road ... its really nice and cosy at night (minus the creepy crawlies) ...

:: dessert - pecan choc pie for me, banana & mango crumble with ice-cream for j-mee + lee ::

Sunday 30.07.2006

Another 12 hours of solid fun ... here's what we did ...

Lunch at Wiener Kaffeehaus

As part of the usual degustation series, tried this new and quaint lil cafe serving Austrian fare along Neil Road called Wiener Kaffeehaus ... it was surprisingly crowded for a Sunday afternoon ... wasn't really expecting much of a crowd since it hasn't been heavily publicized so far ...

its quite a small cafe ... probably able to seat about 50 people at max ... so reservations are a must ...

food was pretty good ... tried the goulash which reminded Wilson of the canned soup he used to have during his NS days ... soup was so-so ... was hoping that it would have a thicker and richer flavour to it ...

the bread pudding and the potato pudding were both equally yummy! although one can't really differentiate the two even after tasting both ... for mains, we had the signature dishes - Wiener Schnitzel (pork escalope) and Fiaker Gulasch (stew with sausage, fried egg and bread dumplings) ... *thumbs up*

and of course, dessert ... sachertorte (rich chocolate cake) and apple crumble ... delish!!!

i had to try the coffee ... after all the owners did invest in a $40,000 coffee roasting system ... oh man! settled for viennese coffee ... the melange which tasted like cappucino ... very very good :)

:: me, rachel + wilson ::

:: Austrian Fare ::

Cabaret - The Musical

Rushed down to the Esplanade to catch Cabaret ... arrived on the dot but still missed the opening act ... bummer ... had to sit through the first 10 minutes outside the theatre ...

with Fei Xiang *drool* and Emma Yong as the main stars ... the musical was pretty good ... loved the costumes ... actor performances were up to mark ... accompanying music was great too ... our conclusion is that it was wwaaaayyyy better than West Side Story (which is the last musical i watched and which I totally hated) ... the verdict :

Wah Cow : 6/10

Lemon Tea : 7.5/10

Xena : 6.5 to 7/10

Spacedonut : 7/10


to kill time, had a quick bowling session at the club ... i think this was my worst game to date ... Rachel (Lemon Tea) beat her all time career high (of 30+ points) and was on par with my score of 66 points ... for a 3rd time bowler ... Chinyi (Xena) did fairly ok ... wohohoho ... the champion of course was Wilson (Wah Cow ... dun pray pray) with 86 points!!!! woohoo!

:: alley cats ::

:: the scoreboard ::

Tennis + Golf

a record 2.75 hour tennis session for Chinyi + me ... the most strenuous to date without Vin Wee dashing around the court to receive our flying balls gone hay-wire ...

Wilson + Rachel below praticising their swings ... so hardcore, they even recorded their swings on my cammie :) hee

Late Dinner

Teo Chew Muay at Havelock Road ... warm porridge to end a hard day's work :)

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Friday, July 28, 2006


more farewells ... what else is new?

the only constant is people coming and going ....

the VTs (Vacation Trainees) are leaving today & going back to school ... its goodbye to low charge-out rates (i.e better budget management) ... less delegation of work ... sigh ... its back to reality ...

i must say that i really enjoyed working with this year's bunch of interns ... very optimistic, hardworking & committed despite the short stint with the department ... its heartening to know down-to-earth bright young minds out there ...

:: with the help i simply could not do without ::

Tried out Aerin's at the new MarketPlace at the basement of City Hall ... we ordered the signature dishes ... i had spaghetti with prawns cooked in olive oil, Chris ordered the fillet and Ollie had tagliatelle cooked with salmon and fish roe (which i think tasted the best among the 3 mains) ... dessert was a decadent warm chocolate pudding with cranberry ice-cream ... yummy! much better than the version over at Menotti ...

:: dinner at Aerin's ::

Headed to New Asia Bar for Damien's "Bring A Hot Date" party ... my hot date was Chris ... heh, I think she enjoyed herself pretty much ... as usual, our initiation rites for the group involves downing a Waterfall ... so here is Chris & her delightful waterfall ...

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Sunday 23.07.2006

The DDDDs (Dim Sum Dude + Dollies) gathered at Lei Garden for a sumptous brunch ... and headed for another round of tennis yet again ...

Finally managed to upload more pictures in the earlier blog entries ...

:: the spread ::


Monday, July 24, 2006

smooth operator

omg ... the kutiya is working her black magic ...

she is giving a massage to MAL right now ... WTF!!!

she sure knows how to butter her way up!


Saturday, July 22, 2006

farewell + sports day!

Thursday 20.07.2006

the day has come ... Yvonne's last day with the firm ... *sobs* .... a very touching and heart-warming speech from the dear gal ... i had half of it recorded but its too huge to upload as yet ... so here are the pics in the meantime ...

the last 2 pictures were her farewell presents ... a handmade card done by Shimin (very creatively done!) penned with well-wishes from us all ... plus a new mobile phone ... the old and new were juxtapositioned for that added effect ... we went through much trouble to "steal" her old phone and to replace the new one in her drawer but the plot fell through at the last minute cos' she was expecting an urgent phone call ... otherwise the plot would have been perfect! oh well ... shall not go into details ... being an accomplice sure is hard work ...

prior to our first intermediate tennis lesson in the evening ... checked out the new Market Place at the basement of Raffles City ... chocful of changes! new shops and a wider variety of food to choose from (yes, Soup Spoon is baaacck!!!) ... settled for dinner at The Pizza Place ... ordered the Extreme Fiery Pizza + Meatballs on the side ... turns out that the pizza was a wrong choice as it was extremely fiery ... all our stomachs' were on fire ... and it didn't help that tennis lessons were more rigourous than usual that night ... with lots more running and tougher shots to return ...

Friday 21.07.2006

took half day leave to play baddie + tennis with the 'ees' ... with CJ joining in for the fun as well ...

thereafter, sinful dinner at the newly renovated Newton Circus ... it has a very commercialised feel to it right now ... nothing worth boasting about ...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Asia Grande

Jas wanted me to spread the word ... so here I am again on another food review ...

Dinnered at Asia Grande Restaurant @ the nondescript Asia Hotel along Scotts Road ...

Frankly I did not have high hopes about the place ... drab hotel looks aside, the neon sign-board plastered on the hotel facade did not add to the feel-good factor about the place ...

But I was pleasantly surprised at how well the food turned out ... we had a bowl of soup each (gives that warm tingly feeling that makes you go "aaahhh ... hao he ...."), gao gei with red dates, steamed + baked fish ... very tender and succulent (coming from a non-fish lover...this was good!), fried noodles ... and the main highlight ... roasted suckling pig ... aw man, this was sooooo good!!!! ... crisp roasted skin with sweet sauce wrapped with thin slices of omelette .... this is one of their signature dishes (the other being a $58 bird's nest dessert) ... MUST TRY!

sorry folks, no pictures here ... didn't bring my cammie with me ...

Asia Grande gets a *thumbs up* from da donut ...


Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Shovers & Maniacs!!!!!!

i am peeeeeeee-ved!!!! Soooooo peeved about people yesterday and today ... WHY?

cos' some people out there are so damn blud-dee rude and ill-mannered!!! There were at least 3 occasions in a span of 48 hours that I have encountered strangers who shove against me despite having sufficient space for them to manoeuvre around ... geez!!! what's up man?!

not to mention people who cannot wait for the train to stop and start nudging sardine packed bodies to make way for them ... can wait for the train to stop or not then make way for you can??? *tsk* + *roll eyes*

yes, yes, this is another PT tantrum ...

it's just one of those days ... endure endure ...


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blame it on Johnnie

Saturday 15.07.2006

Lunched with Jas at Sanur - belated bee-day lunch ... am glad to meet up with the voice that constantly calls me yet again ...

Dinner at Giraffe (its this new place opposite Plaza Singapura, at the same location formerly occupied by BBoss) ... dining in a glass encased box ...very voyeuristic ... very chic ... heh ... can't really provide any comments on the food since I only had the Greek Salad which was palatable ... was disapppointed with the paltry selection of desserts ... just 3 to choose from! pathetic!!! but Alan's Malva Pudding was yummy!

Homecoming for Guoliang at Zouk ... cos he was raring to go linking and lancing ... his alcohol tolerance has improved by leaps and bounds ... very good!!! mine is deteriorating ... see next blog ...

:: Johnnie Walker Gang ::

Sunday 16.07.2006

its all Johnnie Walker's fault ... woke up with a mild hangover today ... nausea, severely dehydrated ... no appetite ...

lunched with Yvonne + Angela at Michaelangelo's @ HV ... well, since i could not have solid food at all (bread has never tasted so awful in my life!) ... therefore, i souped at M's ...

Yvonne is leaving the firm and the country for good ... relocating to decadent Amsterdam (yea, the land of sex + drugs) ... and I will really really really MISS Yvonne ... a great colleague who sits diagonally behind me in my aisle ... she is usually the first one to arrive (if I don't beat her to it) and the usually the last to leave the office (okay, I usually lose here) ... she is by far the most dedicated Senior that I have come across and I have great respect for her work attitude, knowledge, commitment ... a fantastic friend as well ... a listener to my stories (bitching and non-bitching), fellow food lover ... will definitely miss the company ...

:: Yvonne + Angela + me ::

by the time I left HV, hangover was gone ... and time for tennis!!!

big turn-out today at the court ... with Wilson, Guoliang (both survived last night), Jialun (the maestro) and the racquet crashing couple ... Chinyi + Vin Wee ... should have seen them crash into each other while receiving the ball ... damn cartoon ... hahaha

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

a minute of silence

for molly ... who didn't survive the car ride home last sunday ...


we have graduated!

Thursday 13.07.2006

... from beginners tennis! now its on to intermediate tennis next week ... yay!

last lesson was quite a short one ... covering the volley shot and another round of "proper" games ...

Friday 14.07.2006

dinnered with Chinyi at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe ... a modern char chan theng at Cineleisure, caught Pirates of The Carribean with the rest and headed for bak ku teh at Havelock Road (I can imagine the 'ee's nodding their heads now and saying ... "this is soooo lynn" ... haha) ... yea first time eating bak ku teh in sobriety ...

anyway, Pirates was hilarious!!! i didn't catch the first movie ... will have to get a dvd somewhere ... oh yes, EYE CANDY!!! Johnny Depp played his role so darn well ... love his niang niang qiang antics ... and those smouldering eyes with dark smudged eyeliner ... omg!

and there was Orlando Bloom of course ... i just love him in pre-modern/period movies ... again, i totally dig the intense eyes + chiselled face ...

ok, enough gaga-ing ... i'm off!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

... i'm getting married ...

... announced steve today ....

not me lah ... project A (as i am affectionately known in the fam-lee) is still work in progress ... erm, in fact work hasn't even commenced yet ... oh well ...

yes, dear ol' steve is getting married ... on October 26th in Seoul, Korea ... after lying in the shadows and lamenting that he has yet to find the purr-fect one ... he finally did it ... and proposed to the woman of his dreams ... guess that explains the new apartment and sudden weight loss ...

all this within a short span of time since i last checked with him (hmm, like 2 weeks back) whether he had a girlfriend or not ... in which case, it was all denial ... hmm ... what's up with people keeping their significant half under wraps ... i'm sure the gang remembers a certain mr abc who kept his relationship undercover for 2 whole years before coming clean with us during brunch ...

anyway, i'm elated by the news ... its heartening to see sweet steve finding happiness and true love ... aww ... *sniff* pass me a tissue please ...

even more elated when he mentioned that they are coming down to sunny Singapore for their honeymoon!!! can't wait to meet them :)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Sunday 09.07.2006

okay ... this post is late ... spent the day with mum + the blings ... checked out the MAAD flea market ... chinatown ... far east plaza for some scavenger finds and of course ... great eats!

shall not blog much since its gonna be more like a picto-blog ... as da brudder puts it "we camwhored the whole day" ... hahahaha .... do savour more camera sluts at work again ... enjoy!!!

:: red dot traffic building for afternoon MAADness ::

:: stand-in security guard ::

:: glorious decadence ... char kway teow + oyster omelette ... *slurp* ::

:: turkish fare @ anatolia ::

:: hungry & angry sluts ::


Monday, July 10, 2006

bALL over

Chow Fan's blog is a great read to end WC fever, especially for those (like me) who did not stay up to catch the finals ... with some ballistic trivia thrown in as well ...

i'm glad the Germs are in 3rd place ... and happy that the Lians won ... don't like the Frenchies ... hmph!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Chinyi's bee-day

today felt more like a field trip in celebration of Cynthia Lake's (aka Chinyi Lak) bee-day ...

1st stop : Brunch at the very remote Poison Ivy bistro off Sungei Tengah/Lim Chu Kang ... the cafe is located on the
Bollywood Veggies premise owned by Ivy Singh-Lim ... very countryside kind of feeling ...

Poison Ivy prides itself in serving organic delights ... we ordered an array of dishes ranging from organic veggies, banana curry, tofu, roasted chicken, banana cake (yummy!) ... style of cooking is very simple, home-cooked fare ... with a healthy feel to it as one can hardly taste any MSG ... just wholesome natural goodness ...

:: chinyi & scary mama ::

btw, the belt around ivy's waist holds a dagger ... whoa! dun pray pray ...

:: bollywood babes ::

:: playing hide & seek :

:: banana-mama ::

:: the next car show model - ooh la la !!! ::

:: posing with yiwan's mini ::

:: giving the mini a shove ::

:: muscle mania ::

:: hands-free driving ::

2nd stop : Qian Hu Fish Farm

.... where Vin Wee picked up two cute black goldfishes ... molly and scarlly ... aka mulder and scully from the x-files ... but really, the names came about cos' i have always associated black goldfishes with the name molly (... its a childhood thing) and also cos' one of the blackies had a scar on its fin ... hence the name scarlly ... hehe

:: molly & scarlly ::

:: vin wee & his catch ::

3rd stop : Farmart

rabbits, goat-feeding (stinks!), prawn-fishing ....

4th stop : Singapore Zoo

... to kill time ... sat around for some ice-cream + picture taking ... yea, we are such camera sluts! see the almighty poseurs below ...

:: ben & jerry's ::

:: chinyi & her new ride ::

:: don't ask how this photo came about ... ::

5th stop : Seafood dinner at Punggol Marina

more pics here ... and on kayie's blog

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