Saturday, June 30, 2007


Coloured my hair black. Yes, jet-black.

It's not been black for the longest time. Hmm, not since 10 years ago after my A Levels?

Not entirely black of course.

Added a thick streak of grey/white, which actually took on a more blondish tone. Darn.

Think Cruella. All I need now are 101 Dalmatians to accessorize.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The Kissing Project

Maybe I have been watching too much of 'The L Word'. But this header piqued my interest and I read on.

Extracted from, the author of the site is looking at compiling a series of photographs of people of the same gender locking lips ... whether erotically or romantically.

I quote "Does it make any sense that a same-sex kiss is allowed on celluloid, but not in still photographs? "

He does have a valid point there. And I am quite keen on how this project will turn out. Whether it would draw furore from the relevant authorities or whether it is a step towards a more open and liberal Singapore.

To my 'happy' friends, I salute you!

On the same note, more volunteers for the project are being asked to step forward. Psst! You can choose who you wanna kiss! Which reminds me of the proposal tee & I had (or still have?) with bee some 2 years back. That we would lock lips (for the fun of it) just to satiate his L fantasies .... oohhh ... kinky! But knowing bee, he wouldn't lah.

Tongue in cheek folks! Don't take me too seriously! Especially since Mum is reading this ...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 Birthdays + 1 Wedding

May was a month of birthday celebrations.

Celebrated Vin Wee's birthday at Waraku @ Central.

And J-mee's birthday thereafter. A very tame celebration for dear J as compared to last year where most of us got sloshed. This year, we didn't touch a single drop of alcohol. Bummer! And to think Lee and I were dressed for the occasion, haha.

It was Angie's birthday the following week and it was also the day that my offer to purchase the apartment got accepted. So double happiness!

Dinner was at Sage @ Robertson Walk. FINALLY!!!

Expectations were high and Sage did not disappoint. It was pricey but it was worth it!

:: amuse bouche + appetizers ::

:: the mains - meat galore! ::

:: dessert ::


Also attended Jianning's aka Lynn's wedding in late May. Kinda like a mini reunion of the old SCGS gals.

Sat next to Wendy who's a teacher and 5 months preggers!!! But still looking good and in great shape. I still remember her as the girl who's swift on her feet in those 100m dashes during sports day.

Apparently yours truly is still recognizable and looks the same back in primary school. How funny!


The Boulevard of Broke

Yep, I have some explaining to do. It's been almost a month since I last blogged. The longest silence to date.

I have been rather occupied - with a major purchase which has emptied my coffers. A huge deficit. In the red.

I did it. I just bought my own pad 2 weeks back.

It was quite unexpected actually. Before viewing the place, I had some preconceived notions about the place and wasn't too optimistic. But what the heck, since my other viewing plans got cancelled earlier, I thought I should just make the trip down anyway. And guess what? Turns out that the apartment was above expectation and I was comfortable with the place. 1 day of deliberation and a second viewing later, I made the offer and it got accepted! Woohoo!!!

Thereafter, it was sleepless nights on money matters and serious shopping for furniture and appliances. GSS + beating the 2% GST hike!

Welcome to The Boulevard of Broke. The Prada and Gucci fund raisers have been discontinued. Instead, donations are now open for household appliances. Call 1800-HELP LYNN!