Sunday, June 04, 2006

no man's land

went off-road driving today ... first time!!!

the place? no man's land ... yea, off the beaten track ... pictures do no justice to the place ... its much nicer to see it first hand ... set on an empty plot of reclaimed land ... with no buildings in sight ... with the sea breeze and clear waters ... beautiful sunset ... just relaxes you altogether ....

had a go at driving the jeep on rough and rocky terrain ... quite a fun + bumpy experience ... not fun as a passenger but in the driver's seat ... way cool! ... seeing the muddy water splash all over ... shiok! ... hahahaha .... we had to go for a car wash immediately after ... the stares that we got on the road were pretty ugly ...

also went to check out the tua pek kong temple at Changi/Loyang ... where you get to worship 3 religions at the same place ... hinduism, islam + buddhism ... hmm ... felt like a domestic tourist today ...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I've been to this place before... it's off the main road running parallel to one of the Changi airport runaways too right? About a 10 minute drive to reach the beach area? Cool pics, but u're right, the place is a lot nicer than the pics show it to be. Cheers, Martin

11:35 am  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

Hey Martin

Yes, you are right ... spot on!

11:41 am  

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