Thursday, October 04, 2007

Greece : Athens

So, we departed Singapore on 16 September for a cool 13 days in Greece.

Our itinerary started with Athens as a base. After which, we joined a 4 days 3 nights tour comprising some *ahem* old American tourists and travelled up north-west to the Peloponnese area to cover Olympia (where the first ancient Olympic games were first held), Delphi & Mycenae (2 other archeologicals site similar to Olympia except that they were on higher ground). We then moved onto to central Greece to visit magnificent Meteora (hanging monastries perched on huge rocks/boulders).

Thereafter, we were left on our own to explore the rest of Athens and island hopping! Our trip to Mykonos was delayed by a day due to strong winds. As such, we had a day less in Santorini ... bummer! We took a vote on whether to shell out some extra S$250 per pax for another day at Santorini ... the result? Wait for the video which will be uploaded in due course!

To start, here let me introduce the travellers who assumed Greek monikers for the trip. Starting clockwise from left to right :

The God Hadrian - who according to Greek mythology took on a gay lover Antionoos (who happens to be damn cute in sculptures!)

The Goddess Loukia - a distant cousin of Finnish Goddess Nokia.

The Goddess Thessaloniki - a pasta addict, very distantly related to the Italians Linguine, Fettucine etc.

The Goddess Oochi - which incidentally means 'no' in Greek, and is very adverse to 'koo-chis' i.e. tickles.

:: streets of Athens, with lots of grafitti and cool wall art ::

:: at the hotel rooftop, with the Acropolis in the background ::



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