Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nailing It

Okay, this one is for you dahlin' j-mee ... after much prodding over several sametime messages in the office and lunchtime sessions ... this is my go at blogging for 2008.

This is gonna be a lil disturbing for some ... so read on at your own risk ... But its been bothering me for awhile, so you might just wanna hear me out ... You see, I have this loose toenail on my big left toe ... and the problem is getting worse by the week. I think the culprits are tennis (too much impact) and golf (really uncomfortable shoes).

My poor feet are crushed and sore usually after a round of golf. And the impact from weekly tennis sessions has its fair share of painful contributions.

Based on some preliminary research online, seems like serious runners are plagued by the same problem as well. I was contemplating yanking out the loose nail which is now hanging precariously by a thin strip of flesh, but by doing so, it appears that this might lead to an ingrown nail later on. So this option is out. On the bright side, if the nail does drop off on its own, at least I can expect a new one!

Further into my surfs .... now this is where it gets fun ... I came across this blog ... someone made a necklace out of toenails! Yes, I kid you not. Not just his own toenail (well, mostly his), but donations from others as well!!! Eeee-yewwwww!!!! Click here for a better picture .... I dare you!

Now, can anyone tell me if a toenail fairy exists? I might just be tempted at yanking the nail out ;)



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