Saturday, June 10, 2006

fry-dee dy-dee day

didn't feel like going to work today ... took urgent leave ... managed to convince tee to take half day so that we could go for high tea ... since it has been ages since we last had high tea ... hahaha ... my persuasion skills worked ... yay!!! tai tai lifestyle ... here we come!

started off the day with a complimentary massage ... courtesy of the good credit card folks ... unfortunately, the massage was not as pleasant as i had hoped ... had a massage using ginseng oils (apparently a house specialty) which was absolutely overpowering ... ended up smelling like freakin' ginseng root ... total turn off!!! had to buy wet wipes to rid of the smell to not much effect ... damnit!

high tea at tiffin room at raffles hotel .... the best high tea buffet i have had so far ... international buffet ... with a good selection of western and eastern finger food .... excellent food quality, no doubt about it ...

the service was impeccable ... i mean, really really impeccable ... plate of food gets delivered to the table after you have made your selection ... folded napkins + change of cutlery every time you leave the table for another round at the buffet, cups of tea/coffee are never left unfilled, even messy crumbs get dusted off the table so you'd still get to maintain dignity and decorum even though its a pig-out (haha) ... the attentiveness of the waiters is just so amazing!!! this is service worth paying for ...

pigged for 2 solid hours ... shiok! worth every cent! would like to try lunch/dinner next ...

shopped, shopped and shopped ... shall not elaborate further ...

sigh ... the fairytale ends ....

:: curios at seah street ::



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