Saturday, June 17, 2006

kolo kolo kolo mee

coincidence! dinner plans with relatives : jia xiang kuching kolo mee!!!


for me, kolo mee (aka wanton noodles + char siew ... usually served dry) lies close to my stomach ... i mean ... heart ... after all, its what i often had for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner during the years in AMK ...

was planning to hit the joint the whole of this week with the peeps after reading about it on
kenny sia's blog ... showed it to tee and when she read it ... she was so drooling as well ��� anyway, plans to visit the joint with the peeps fell through ... and with a stroke of luck, the fam-lee was headed for the same kuching kolo mee for dinner tonight! woohoo!

we set off towards Chinatown for the much anticipated *drool* kuching kolo mee .... oh man, it was damn good ... the wiry noodles may look a lil like instant noodles ... but take a bite ... and it is smooth with a light tangy taste *slurp* ... aahhhh ...

prices are double of what you would normally pay for a plate of kolo mee ... expect to pay extra for additional ingredients like prawn and/or abalone ...

:: eat your heart out! ::

will definitely go back ~ so peeps, this coming week? ��� spied another 2 more outlets by the same joint around the Chinatown area ��� so spoilt for choice now ���

+ + + + +

thereafter ... headed to Timbre for the late night flea market ... picked up a book by Rupert Everett (the actor) for 50 cents!!! and another Anne Rice novel (The Vampire Lestat) ... turns out that i had already read it ... so promptly passed it to mum for van to sell online ... bummer ... am still searching for Interview with a Vampire ... read most of the Vampire Chronicles except for the first one!!!



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