Sunday, March 23, 2008


First and foremost, happy birthday to me!

If you had remembered and extended your warm wishes ... early or late ... thank you so much!

For those who raced against each other to see whose SMS came through first .... extra points for you!!

For those who graciously took time off to spend some time catching up over food and drinks ... thank you so very much as well.

Oh yes, presents! The lunch/dinner treats and presents were lovely! Love them!!!

There were many pleasant surprises that day.

I was surprised that people whom I don't exactly keep in touch with, actually remembered. Facebook and Friendster birthday reminders are a darl! Elephant and dinosaur memories are a darl too!

The nicest surprise I received was the day before my birthday. It was what I had hoped for. A new job ... a new beginning ...

I haven't exactly been happy in my rather new 6-month role in the department. It was a risk right from the start. And unfortunately, things did not work out. Internally, something in me cracked and somehow could not be put together again. I had lost a certain drive, getting complacent and no longer motivated. Externally, there were several issues that I was unhappy about. On hindsight, perhaps I should have talked to the higher authorities instead of hearing echoes of my own voice. Perhaps, perhaps ...

So, with that, I signed my new employment letter on my birthday and turned in my resignation letter on the same day.

As I approach the new chapter in my career with excitement ... there is also a sense of nervousness and trepidation. Nevertheless, I hope that I am taking a step in the right direction. I need to rediscover the drive and passion that I have lost.

Happy birthday! Cheers!


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