Friday, April 04, 2008

The Last Lap

I'm sitting here writing 'Thank You' cards. Save for one last card for a particular kutiya whom I can't seem to have anything pleasant to say about .... am still thinking, hence the break and the need to blog a little.

It's my last day with the firm. Feels very surreal. Somehow, it hasn't really sunk in yet. I feel like I'm going on a vacation instead! *touch wood* It'd better be a permanent vacation.

The last lunch with the gang took place on Thursday at our usual hangout. Am sooo gonna miss you guys!!! Really really ...

Lunch + tea breaks + dinners will never be the same without you guys.

I will absolutely miss same-timing j-mee in the morning (and at various points of the day) with flirtatious chat-up lines, teasing bee about the most ridiculous of things, responding to @loy's sheparding calls prior to lunch, occassional chats out of boredom and bitching sessions with tee and lee.

It's absolutely heart-wrenching when I think about it. We have had some very good moments together. This is NOT farewell, we WILL keep in touch.


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