Monday, October 29, 2007

My first 18

I know I should resume blogging about my Greece trip ... but I have gotten lazy ... sorry! Will try to resume when I feel like it lah ...

Anyway, I'm back to tennis lessons ... my first lesson on Sunday promptly demolished all the confidence I had in the sport. Going back to the intricacies behind the forehand and backhand was like learning how to drive a manual car ... too many things to look out for!

Didn't realise that I have been getting the basics wrong all this time. While I can hit past the net and rally sufficiently after a warm-up ... its not the 'correct' way to play tennis ... argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And on to golf ...

Did my first 18 holes today .... one word ... STRESSFUL!!! Definitely not leisurely ...

It was our first 18 holes game ... and on hindsight ... it was way too ambitious. We should have perhaps stuck to a 9 holes game instead ... cos by the time we reached the 9th hole, we were already tired out. Besides, MBGC is a tough course to manouvere, even for experienced golfers.

We were so slow at the initial stage that the golf marshall had to repeatedly hurry us to complete each hole. We even had to skip one hole to make way for the group behind us. If you see anyone running across the greens ... its probably us. With balls going haywire, time spent looking for missing balls, buggies going off course (cos' we weren't sure when the buggy was allowed on the fairways) and a near buggy accident, we wasted a fair bit of time.

All in all, it took us 4.5 hours to complete the course. Thankfully, the weather was perfect.

Can't wait for the next 9 holes ... at an easier course that is.

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Wow! :D Nice blog, gonna add you to fav. ;)

Cya from Italy!

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