Thursday, March 29, 2007

aaahh chhhooo

spent last weekend cleaning up the room i.e. transferring unwanted stuff from inside the room to outside the room ...

that's my short-term solution in order to clean up the clutter ... honestly, the clutter is still there ... except that it is now neater and slightly more organised ...

on Saturday, I traipsed my way down to IKEA hoping to search for a hat/coat rack in replacement for my vintage one from grandpa which collapsed under the haul of dresses (R.I.P. i'm still mourning the loss ... it was a really pretty rack ... )

but alas, IKEA only had 1 and pathetic rack to choose from ... and the hooks were too close together for my liking so I picked up some plastic boxes to organize the knick-knacks instead ...

made a trip to the newly opened AMK Hub on Sunday hoping to come across a decent rack ... only to arrive at zilch results ... guess such racks are not commonly found in the heartlands nor in Asia for that matter ... so I settled for ANOTHER clothes rack which had 2 bars ... making my total number of clothes racks to 5!!!!!

hmm ... had to figure out how to slot in another rack amidst the lack of space in the room ... after some rubik's cube manoeuvres I managed to fit it in! yay!!!

and and and I placed my butterfly lights on another wall ... it is now lighted up after being in hibernation

the cleaning up proved too much for me ... ended up with a runny nose on Monday due to the lack of rest (was clearing the clutter till the wee hours) *sniff*

Wednesday, March 28, 2007



yes, this is late i know ... but here is the documentation (ya lah, occupational hazard, everything also must document in order to cover my smarty @$$) on my 28th (sigh) ... which has come and gone like a whirlwind romance ...

1st celebration started with the 'ees' ... it was a triple celebration for tee (1st March), jee (17th March) and mee! (18th March)

Dinner at Brotzeit @ Vivocity ... succulent german sausages ... shall not describe any further else i'll start inviting lewd remarks from the bunch ... hehe ... crispy pork knuckle ...traditional desserts ... and of course BEER from Paulaner *burp*

all in all, a very good dinner with a nice laid back atmosphere with chill-out beats and excellent + friendly service ... the waiters were so accommodating that they even dimmed the lights just for us ... and come to think of it ... for no particular reason at all!

next stop was St James ... partied, partied, partied ... yet another failed attempt to check out Dragonfly ... guess the Ah Lian in me ain't powderful enuf to warrant a visit ...

was so bushed, I fell asleep on the table during supper only to be woken up when it was time to head home ...

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Part 2 of celebrations started with dinner at The Secret Garden along Bencoolen Street ... am not gonna elaborate too much since the gals have already blogged about it here and here ... the paparazzis were way ahead of me! haha

So read about it on JellBell's blog on Martin's flat tyre ... what an eventful night!

After the tyresome problem was resolved, we headed to Brussel Sprouts @ Robertson Quay for a couple of Belgian beers which were really quite intriguing with the cute + matching glasses ... some beer had a herbal taste to it, like essence of chicken laced with alcohol ... queer but well, worth the try ...

We love to cam-whore!!!!

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Dinner with family at Togi, a Korean Restaurant at Temple Street ... pretty decent fare at very reasonable prices ... the blings loved the kimchi seafood soup ... slurping up every single drop ... heh

Pardon me, but I'm getting quite lazy at blogging, so read about it + see pics on the middle bling's blog (posted 19th March)

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Dinner with the office gals at Netsuretsu Ichiban-Tei (at least that's what the receipt says)

Decadent dessert at The Chocolate Factory (finally!!!) Darn good! Too much of ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) at work warrants this sort of ECI (Excessive Chocolate Indulgence) ... enuf said :)

The hot chocolate was marvellous! Never a fan of hot choco, but this is one not to be missed! Also, the chocolate souffle and bread + butter pudding was very very rich + very very yummy ... choco overload man! Can't wait to go back!

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Monday, March 12, 2007


It didn't dawn on me on how much older I am than my younger cousins until I received a Friendster request from my dear cousin Syb. At first I didn't know who she was ... *scratch head* some 17-year old wanting to be my friend??? Then realization settled in ... and enlightenment ! But gosh ... 17!!!!! Okay, I'm forgetting that brudder Leon is only 16 who will enter NS when I am 30 ... argh!!!!!!!!!! DEPRESSION!!!!!!!

I still remember the time I went to visit Syb when she was just a month old perhaps ... and now she is all grown up and in a 'domestic partnership' ... whatever that means for a 17-year old ... I really don't want to know ...

I guess I am still in this self-delusionary stage where my younger cousins never seem to grow up ... I loved playing and running amok with them and not after them! hahaha

oh oh oh ... as I am typing this, dear sista didn't even know who Syb was ... apparently our younger cousin is on a Friendster rampage ... hahaha

Sigh, kids ... they never grow up do they? *grin*

But wait ... 'domestic partnership'? hmm ... I'm not even at that stage yet ...


Sunday, March 11, 2007

FashBash II

Yuppers!!! Further to the inaugural FashBash event last May, I will be setting up shop at the second FashBash on 14 April 2007 ...

Tell me about bad timing ... I really hope that things don't screw up such that I have to return to work on the 14th ... *cross fingers*

Please, please come down and have fun at the event and lend support to my label too of course!


i felt the earth move ...

under my feet ... lalalala

yeah, so the song goes ... the earthquake earlier this week caused quite a ruckus ... was engaged in a phonecall when it happened ... felt a lil woozy but didn't think much about it cos' I was engrossed in conversation and thought that it was my colleague who was shaking my chair for no reason at all ... so anyway, I was hoping that the building would be evacuated to validate my extra long lunch that I had with the long lost SC-gals ...

other earth-shattering news this week ... we have a new (Master) Kutiya who rejoined the firm and now i have to work under her ... argh!!!!!

j-mee's ground-breaking news left me dumbfounded as well ... hey dude, we are all here for you man ... whenever, whatever ...

and and and

H&M has just opened in Hong Kong!!!!

oh my gawd!!!! I sooo wanted to buy a plane ticket and fly over immediately when Jas broke the news to me ...

temptation ....


Monday, March 05, 2007


my current lease is expiring come June/July this year ... and i'm starting to fret over it ... I like my current place a lot and am not keen on moving onto a new place to stay cos' I just have too much stuff to move! defaulted on my spring cleaning this year so its still a lot of clutter in the store room and some 'litter' here and there ... yeah, it sounds like I live in a sty ... but really, its not as bad as I make it out to be ...

besides, location is great ... centralized and close to mummy dearest ... erm, close to the (free) tennis courts too ... haha! love the high floor as well ...

seems like more people are moving out these days ... Odie is moving into her apartment this month ... Stace is gonna move into her uber-quaint Monk's Hill Terrace apartment come May ... oh man, those black and white walk-ups with a nice verandah ... *drool* ... would have loved to move in together with Stace but its too early to move!!! argh!!!

am keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay put for another year at least ... wish me luck!