Tuesday, June 13, 2006

PT tantrums

i wish to throw a Public Transport (PT) tantrum ... so indulge me won't you?

alright, here goes ... i HATE it when people with hair (usually very long or very curly) all over the place brush against me (i mean, not once but many times) ... in particular, this happens very often in a crowded train or a bus ... ok granted, sometimes it can't be helped ... but still, i am especially irritated when these people have a conversation and become ever so animated that they start bobbing their heads violently ... or worse ... swishing their manes ever so often ... oblivious to other passengers standing/sitting next to them/behind them!!! i mean ... can't they themselves touching a foreign object?

eeewww!!! it just irks me to the core!!!

hello??? the last thing i want is some brushing/dusting from rapunzel ...



Anonymous ChowFan said...

What you've just said is only half the story. Tall (and good-looking) people like us also have to endure shorter people with S M E L L Y hair too.

4:26 pm  

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