Sunday, June 04, 2006

sports day + flea day

woke up at at ungodly hour today ... 845am ... for a Sunday ... totally ungodly for me ...

mission for the day : first attempt at the driving range @ Keppel for me .... kay went swimming, yisheng + melvin hit the gym, wilson + guoyong + luhan were the regular golfers ... even wenhui was pretty good with her swings

me? i totally suck! hahaha ... oh well, there is always the first try ... looks easy, but the swing is damn hard to work on ... not only that ... the grip, the stance/posture ... not easy lah ... i'll stick to trying to learn how to play tennis for now ...

headed down to dempsey road ... wanted to try out ps cafe for brunch (very nice setting/atmosphere!) ... unfortunately, it was too crowded ... had to wait at least an hour to get a table for 8 ... since we were famished, had the dim sum buffet at dragon gate @ harbour front instead ... too much food! waaaayyy toooo much ...

next stop, golden mile to check out kay's coach tickets & at the same time checked out packages for tioman ... thereafter, headed to funan to get yisheng's laptop ... which unfortunately had no stock ...

last stop ... zouk flea market! yisheng actually believed that we were going there for a tea-dance ... hilarious!!! hahahaha

flea market was larger than usual with a lot more stalls ... for the first time, i didn't buy a single item ... control control control ... rather, it was too crowded to really shop/browse anyway ...

hunger pangs took over for kay + me ... headed to the hawker centre at zion road to whet our appetites ... finally satisfied the craving for fried omelette with oysters ... *slurp* :)

:: at zouk ::


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