Sunday, June 25, 2006

9,001 birds

second part of the JBP outing (its still 9,000 birds ... couldn't help inflating the number) as i'm still having difficulty posting pictures online ... seems like the only way to upload more pics is to create another post ...

:: trivia time ::

new word : frugivorous (fruit-feeding)

its not just vegans anymore ... its fruit-tellas too!

:: Waterfall Aviary ::

why are we so shell-shocked?

1stly, cos its the LARGEST man-made waterfall in the WORLD!!!!

c'mon everybody say "Waaahhh!!!!"

2ndly, the name is just so corny ... Jurong Falls ... how creative can one get? duh ...

reminds me of the budget terminal, Budget Terminal

:: Pelican Cove ::

check out Weihua's wingspan

:: Emus & Ostriches ::

more pics here



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