Monday, June 12, 2006

fan mail

61 posts to be exact!!!

logged on to my email account this morning ... and to my amazing astonishment ... there were 61 new messages! all within a span of less than 8 hours ... yes that's how much sleep i get ...

an anonymous blogger .... new die hard fan has left 61 comments on donutland ... !!!!!!!! totally unheard of ain't it? i feel like the princess of bloggerland already ... with xiaxue as the reigning queen of course ... machiam like the zoe tay vs. fann wong saga .... hahahahaha

whoever you are ... I LOVE YOU!!!!! *muacks*

i'm glad i am establishing readership ... to those who have not been catching up on a regular basis .... tsk tsk ... shame on you ... you dunno what you are missing out on ...




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