Thursday, April 27, 2006


Jay-Pee (JP) Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge took place today ... the rain stopped in time for the run ... with just a slight drizzle ... with over 300 corporations + 11,000 peeps taking part ... it was helluva crowd ... sadly, the firm's contingent was not as strong as expected ...

sans @lloy (the sirius rana) ... the rest of the 'ees' (sans bee who deliberately 'forgot' to bring his shorts) completed the 5.6km run in 49 to 60 minutes ... okay, we cheated a lil by taking the shortcut but at least we completed the run fair and square ... was expecting a detour to Esplanade for some ice-cream but that didn't happen ... oh well ....

nevertheless, my craving for dessert was satisfied at Menotti where i had the creme brulee again ... yum! + a pilsener .... *burp*

we can never stop bitching about work, especially since the moderation meetings take place this week which will determine the bonus payout and promotions before the financial year end ... stressed!

turns out that lee has the makings of a closet 'th-air' (i.e. playing the whiny damsel in distress) ... way to go gurl!

p/s : no luck with spotting any CFAs during the run ...


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