Friday, February 17, 2006

love thy job

"LOVE YOUR JOB BUT NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMPANY (Because you never know when it stops loving you)"

yup, that was the message circulated to me via email today ...

over time, i'm sure all of us have received countless emails bitching about one's job ... how the pay sucks ... slogging long hours for meagre bonuses ... employee found dead on desk ... how to appear really busy and hardworking but you actually have nothing better to do than to surf the net and chat online ... ok, the last one is off track ... i am definitely not guilty on that one

today was my mentor's last day in the office ... yea, my 'mentor' aka 'timesheet slasher', 'recovery rate free loader', 'chief delegator' ... not that i received much mentorship anyway ... its always 'fya/fyi' ... 'please discuss' .... i have no feelings about him leaving the firm ... someone commented about 'sadness' ... i was like 'huh?' *scratch head* .... someone commented 'good riddance' .... uh huh ... *nod head*

we are so easily replaceable these days ... less than an hour after his departure, his displayed name outside his room was taken off and replaced by another name ... yea, balek-kampong and akan datang ...

oh well ...


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