Tuesday, February 14, 2006


"Or, as many Singaporeans pronounce it: 'Vanstine Day' " as quoted from Colin Goh's article in the Straits Times.

yea, yea, its that time of the year again ... haha ... sour grapes :)

received my first bouquet of 12 roses for the day from jackson ... a virtual one from MSN ... *faint* ....

ok ... its the thought that counts ... so, jackson tay eng kiat, thanks man! love, lynn lee mei ling.

anyway, will be watching 'casanova' tonite with half the 'ees' ... amongst us will be one lucky casanova ... oh well ... its back to work if we are gonna leave at 5.30pm sharp today!


Blogger kayie said...

yo babe~ happy valentines! ;)

8:55 pm  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

vee-day is also vanessa-day!!!

1:07 pm  

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