Tuesday, February 21, 2006

an indecent proposal

uh huh ... received an indecent proposal from one of my clients today ...

i had to call one of my clients to check on his marital status as he indicated his status as 'single' but he had 3 kids ... i thought it was an oversight on his part but called him to check nevertheless ... so anyway, my client maintained that he was single and had three kids ... so i went a step further to ask if he was divorced cos' he could claim for ex-wife relief for the alimony paid ... his reply : 'how can i be divorced if i was never married?' ... which goes to say that this guy is quite a naughty fella ... a very naughty one indeed!

a couple more questions ensued and we were heading towards the end of our conversation ... my client remarked, 'now that you know i have an open heart ... you are most welcomed to my open heart' ... okay, his english wasn't all that fantastic ... being french/portugese ... he added 'however, the open heart comes attached with the 3 kids, since i am a responsible father ... so let me know if you are interested' ... how about that?!

my reply : 'send me your picture first' ... and no, i have no idea how much he earns at this point as his remuneration details are not in yet .... so, stay tuned ....

a suggestion for the tax folks (yep, as discussed with the peeps) ... next years TDO must make it mandatory for clients to send a photo of themselves ... solely for identification purposes, of course *wink* ...


Blogger jaykay said...

woohoo! juicy juicy!! and a tad corny!

11:46 pm  

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