Saturday, February 18, 2006

mee rebus

i was craving for mee rebus after last night's tennis session at bee's place ... went to newton hawker centre for a late night dinner ... chicken wings, fried omelette with oysters & sugar-cane juice... boy, were we quenched for thirst! ... but no mee rebus

lunch at golden mile today ... its been ages since i last went there for a proper meal ... i really miss the chicken rice and the beef ball noodles ... so i settled for the latter ... still no mee rebus

the plan for the afternoon was to head over to The Concourse for a Flea Mart and somehow, there was no event at all!!! called j-mee and tee to see i got the details right ... tee said that the venue was correct ... i just did a check and all the facts about the Flea Mart were in order.... damnit! tried calling the organizer to uncover the reason for the 'no show' to no avail ...

but all was not lost, trotted down to arab street ... and bought some knick knacks which i hope to turn into wearable art ... so that was Flea Day for me ...

dinner at Hooked on Heads with Grandma and relatives ... it was curry flavour of the day! food was satisfying ... sayur lodeh, mala tofu, fish head curry and the highlight : mee siam *thumbs up*

still no mee rebus .... sigh ...


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