Monday, February 20, 2006


i have been cheena-fied! no lah, its not that serious ...

for starters, i never EVER thought that one day i would start listening to Jay Chou and actually liking his music ... its sooo not me!

well, i have been listening to Jay only on nights when i have to work late ... that's when i plug into my iPod and Jay comes on ... why???? cos' half the time i can't understand what he is crooning about ... plus the background music is easy listening ... hence, i am able to concentrate more on my work ... well, tonight is no exception ... Jay is singing to me right now :) but anyhow ... he IS good!!!

oh yes, the end of the mee rebus story was a happy one ... i finally got to have a plate yesterday + 2 pratas ... yumm!


Blogger vnsa said...

i have all JAY CHOU cds.. YOU WANNA RIP THEM ALL?! haha! i see, u've been cheenafied! jayderful!!

10:23 pm  
Anonymous jellybelly said...

Jay Chou rocks man!

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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11:52 pm  

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