Sunday, February 12, 2006

taboo associations

round of games at mind cafe

1st : taboo (too many revelations)
2nd : pit (aka heart attack)
3rd : galloping pigs (hilarious!)
4th : blockus (mind racking strategy)

its amazing what sort of words/descriptions we associate people with ... some revealing examples while playing taboo ...

crocodile : bee's fav brand of shirts
thong : what TLK would never wear
g-string : what TLK would never EVER wear
muscle : @lloy!!!
double-chin : what GN, OBC has ...

there were some more ... but can't really remember ... peeps, u wanna add in more examples?

playing pit really kept the adrenaline going ... someone got hammered quite a few times ... hmmm ...

galloping pigs was really cute! but i lost really badly ... my pigs didnt manage to get enough food to win the race ... but guess what, the vegan won!!! argh!!!! its the revenge of the vegan !!!


Blogger vnsa said...

WAHAHAHAH! pit sounds like fun! teach me how to play so that i can play with my friends! lol. so i'd cya on saturday for a shop-a-shopshop yeah? love you!

12:01 pm  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

oops! regarding the thong and the g-string ... its supposed to read 'what we don't want TLK to wear' and 'what we don't EVER want TLK to wear'.

thanks jem for pointing that out :)

1:01 pm  
Anonymous jaykay said...

haha! wrong again! it's what we don't want to see her wear! but who cares! the idea is there... =p

10:48 pm  

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