Tuesday, February 07, 2006

70-hour Gag

met angie & karen for dinner / catch-up session at coffee club taka...managed to get a window seat which gave us a bird's eye view of the 70-hour gag...where 7 dee-jays are 'silenced' for 70 hours to raise funds for charity....yea, something similar to the subaru impreza chanllenge thingy but a lot less strenuous....judging from the osim chairs and foot massagers that each transparent cube came equipped they had laptops to occupy their time with...sounds like a breeze to me...

went to check out the action proper after dinner and saw the dee-jays during their break where they came out of the cube to mingle around...while still being 'silenced' of course....they communicated via whiteboards & markers with the crowd...and was there a crowd! didn't know that shan from eye for a guy was a dee-jay for 98.7fm....yea, not a fan of perfect 10...anyhow, boy was he cute!

sigh...2 more ppl have thrown in the towel this week...and the number of towel-throwers is set to rise.....


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