Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my cherry got popped!

oh yea baby, my cherry got popped! hehehe...

yes, this is my first virgin voyage into the land of blogging....

with an astounding number of requests to start my own blog...i have succumbed to those frantic pleas to present....donutland!!!....da space where donuts like u and me...well...go donuts...

to start off, some credit should to
jaykay...u are the inspiration off is tee-ograhy...ur blogs keep me going....and of course my lovely sis and bro...u started it all!!!!

anyway, back to blogging proper...i have officially declared monday nites...teevo nights!

~ 9 pm : nine lives on arts central
~ 10 pm : despo housewives (yea...i'm living my dream)
~ 11 pm : grey's anatomy

sat in front of the tee-vo with files in hand (uh else could i escape u think?)

caught half of nine lives and i must say it was pretty good...well, i actually enjoyed the 'making of nine lives' they ensembled the they conducted improv was way cool....makes me wanna be part of it....but seriously, the closest i came to acting was back in sec school in ELDDS...had to put up a performance in front of the entire school...the plot was lousy and needless to sux....

oh well, despo was the usual....i'm starting to enjoy grey's anatomy more and more....for those who know, i cannot fathom the sight of innards or reel-life operations...yea i know...even on tee-vee...but i think i have overcome that ever since i started reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (Chris, if ur reading this...u know how i are the fount and u led me there...), now they kinda turn me on! okayyy....maybe not 'turned on'....but i'm cool with it there

how's that for my first blog? ;)


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