Saturday, February 18, 2006

koo-tee-yah interrupted

talk among the 'ees' have circled around kutiyas (koo-tee-yahs) all week ... some have blogged about it, we have exchanged MSNs, had bitching seesions ... so now its my turn to blog about it proper ...

yep, i have my own fair share of kutiyas too ... this one, is an off-shore (from the land of 'semua boleh') kutiya who came on board this year ... this particular kutiya has the perennial habit of interrupting my conversations ... which is so irritating!!! when i am engaged with a conversation with someone, she has this tendency to interrupt and talk to the person i am having a conversation with ... i mean, c'mon man ... "hell-loo?! i'm talking here!" quit sticking your @$$ everywhere!

also, she has this sing-song voice when she calls my nay-ber each time she sashays over to my aisle .... irritating!!!!! *roll eyes*, *middle finger* ... my aisle is turning into a fishmarket ... not only that, she likes to stick her butt (yea, she sticks it everywhere!) in between the narrow space separating me and my nay-ber's seats (the backs of our chairs face each other) ... so whenever the kutiya is around, i have to try really hard not to accidentally push against my nay-ber's chair ... oops! i did it again .... no apologies there

argh!!!!! save us from the kutiyas!!!!

for those who *scratch head* ~ "what is a kutiya?" .... go figure


Anonymous @&W said...

just read the blog.....think i sort of figure it out who that koo-tee-yah totally have my sympanthies....x 1,000.....not easy to work efficiently with a a$$ sticking least with a good a$$, that's okay..but not in this case i assume? =P

monday i was feeling blue...
tuesday it is turning black...

at least now I know my ABCs...

4:23 pm  
Blogger s p a c e d o n u t said...

towards the end of the week ... i am turning Crimson!

11:27 pm  

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