Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blame it on Johnnie

Saturday 15.07.2006

Lunched with Jas at Sanur - belated bee-day lunch ... am glad to meet up with the voice that constantly calls me yet again ...

Dinner at Giraffe (its this new place opposite Plaza Singapura, at the same location formerly occupied by BBoss) ... dining in a glass encased box ...very voyeuristic ... very chic ... heh ... can't really provide any comments on the food since I only had the Greek Salad which was palatable ... was disapppointed with the paltry selection of desserts ... just 3 to choose from! pathetic!!! but Alan's Malva Pudding was yummy!

Homecoming for Guoliang at Zouk ... cos he was raring to go linking and lancing ... his alcohol tolerance has improved by leaps and bounds ... very good!!! mine is deteriorating ... see next blog ...

:: Johnnie Walker Gang ::

Sunday 16.07.2006

its all Johnnie Walker's fault ... woke up with a mild hangover today ... nausea, severely dehydrated ... no appetite ...

lunched with Yvonne + Angela at Michaelangelo's @ HV ... well, since i could not have solid food at all (bread has never tasted so awful in my life!) ... therefore, i souped at M's ...

Yvonne is leaving the firm and the country for good ... relocating to decadent Amsterdam (yea, the land of sex + drugs) ... and I will really really really MISS Yvonne ... a great colleague who sits diagonally behind me in my aisle ... she is usually the first one to arrive (if I don't beat her to it) and the usually the last to leave the office (okay, I usually lose here) ... she is by far the most dedicated Senior that I have come across and I have great respect for her work attitude, knowledge, commitment ... a fantastic friend as well ... a listener to my stories (bitching and non-bitching), fellow food lover ... will definitely miss the company ...

:: Yvonne + Angela + me ::

by the time I left HV, hangover was gone ... and time for tennis!!!

big turn-out today at the court ... with Wilson, Guoliang (both survived last night), Jialun (the maestro) and the racquet crashing couple ... Chinyi + Vin Wee ... should have seen them crash into each other while receiving the ball ... damn cartoon ... hahaha

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