Friday, July 28, 2006


more farewells ... what else is new?

the only constant is people coming and going ....

the VTs (Vacation Trainees) are leaving today & going back to school ... its goodbye to low charge-out rates (i.e better budget management) ... less delegation of work ... sigh ... its back to reality ...

i must say that i really enjoyed working with this year's bunch of interns ... very optimistic, hardworking & committed despite the short stint with the department ... its heartening to know down-to-earth bright young minds out there ...

:: with the help i simply could not do without ::

Tried out Aerin's at the new MarketPlace at the basement of City Hall ... we ordered the signature dishes ... i had spaghetti with prawns cooked in olive oil, Chris ordered the fillet and Ollie had tagliatelle cooked with salmon and fish roe (which i think tasted the best among the 3 mains) ... dessert was a decadent warm chocolate pudding with cranberry ice-cream ... yummy! much better than the version over at Menotti ...

:: dinner at Aerin's ::

Headed to New Asia Bar for Damien's "Bring A Hot Date" party ... my hot date was Chris ... heh, I think she enjoyed herself pretty much ... as usual, our initiation rites for the group involves downing a Waterfall ... so here is Chris & her delightful waterfall ...

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