Saturday, July 15, 2006

we have graduated!

Thursday 13.07.2006

... from beginners tennis! now its on to intermediate tennis next week ... yay!

last lesson was quite a short one ... covering the volley shot and another round of "proper" games ...

Friday 14.07.2006

dinnered with Chinyi at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe ... a modern char chan theng at Cineleisure, caught Pirates of The Carribean with the rest and headed for bak ku teh at Havelock Road (I can imagine the 'ee's nodding their heads now and saying ... "this is soooo lynn" ... haha) ... yea first time eating bak ku teh in sobriety ...

anyway, Pirates was hilarious!!! i didn't catch the first movie ... will have to get a dvd somewhere ... oh yes, EYE CANDY!!! Johnny Depp played his role so darn well ... love his niang niang qiang antics ... and those smouldering eyes with dark smudged eyeliner ... omg!

and there was Orlando Bloom of course ... i just love him in pre-modern/period movies ... again, i totally dig the intense eyes + chiselled face ...

ok, enough gaga-ing ... i'm off!



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