Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Shovers & Maniacs!!!!!!

i am peeeeeeee-ved!!!! Soooooo peeved about people yesterday and today ... WHY?

cos' some people out there are so damn blud-dee rude and ill-mannered!!! There were at least 3 occasions in a span of 48 hours that I have encountered strangers who shove against me despite having sufficient space for them to manoeuvre around ... geez!!! what's up man?!

not to mention people who cannot wait for the train to stop and start nudging sardine packed bodies to make way for them ... can wait for the train to stop or not then make way for you can??? *tsk* + *roll eyes*

yes, yes, this is another PT tantrum ...

it's just one of those days ... endure endure ...



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