Monday, July 31, 2006

Life is a Cabaret

Saturday 29.07.2006

saturday night and 5 of the 'ees' were online ... so what else but to round up the gang for a night out ... after all its saturday night and we shouldn't be moping at home facing the computer screen ... its loser mentality! ok, ok ... that sounded harsh ...

anyway, we didn't manage to convince tee to come out and play :) ... still too shagged out from the waterfall the night before ... heh ... and bee had plans already *tsk tsk* ... so lee & I turned on the charms and convinced j-mee to tag along ... yes!!! its a score for the the lees!

its been a while since we last had a chill-out session without anyone getting drunk ... so saturday night was a nice change ... here's us at PS Cafe at Dempsey Road ... its really nice and cosy at night (minus the creepy crawlies) ...

:: dessert - pecan choc pie for me, banana & mango crumble with ice-cream for j-mee + lee ::

Sunday 30.07.2006

Another 12 hours of solid fun ... here's what we did ...

Lunch at Wiener Kaffeehaus

As part of the usual degustation series, tried this new and quaint lil cafe serving Austrian fare along Neil Road called Wiener Kaffeehaus ... it was surprisingly crowded for a Sunday afternoon ... wasn't really expecting much of a crowd since it hasn't been heavily publicized so far ...

its quite a small cafe ... probably able to seat about 50 people at max ... so reservations are a must ...

food was pretty good ... tried the goulash which reminded Wilson of the canned soup he used to have during his NS days ... soup was so-so ... was hoping that it would have a thicker and richer flavour to it ...

the bread pudding and the potato pudding were both equally yummy! although one can't really differentiate the two even after tasting both ... for mains, we had the signature dishes - Wiener Schnitzel (pork escalope) and Fiaker Gulasch (stew with sausage, fried egg and bread dumplings) ... *thumbs up*

and of course, dessert ... sachertorte (rich chocolate cake) and apple crumble ... delish!!!

i had to try the coffee ... after all the owners did invest in a $40,000 coffee roasting system ... oh man! settled for viennese coffee ... the melange which tasted like cappucino ... very very good :)

:: me, rachel + wilson ::

:: Austrian Fare ::

Cabaret - The Musical

Rushed down to the Esplanade to catch Cabaret ... arrived on the dot but still missed the opening act ... bummer ... had to sit through the first 10 minutes outside the theatre ...

with Fei Xiang *drool* and Emma Yong as the main stars ... the musical was pretty good ... loved the costumes ... actor performances were up to mark ... accompanying music was great too ... our conclusion is that it was wwaaaayyyy better than West Side Story (which is the last musical i watched and which I totally hated) ... the verdict :

Wah Cow : 6/10

Lemon Tea : 7.5/10

Xena : 6.5 to 7/10

Spacedonut : 7/10


to kill time, had a quick bowling session at the club ... i think this was my worst game to date ... Rachel (Lemon Tea) beat her all time career high (of 30+ points) and was on par with my score of 66 points ... for a 3rd time bowler ... Chinyi (Xena) did fairly ok ... wohohoho ... the champion of course was Wilson (Wah Cow ... dun pray pray) with 86 points!!!! woohoo!

:: alley cats ::

:: the scoreboard ::

Tennis + Golf

a record 2.75 hour tennis session for Chinyi + me ... the most strenuous to date without Vin Wee dashing around the court to receive our flying balls gone hay-wire ...

Wilson + Rachel below praticising their swings ... so hardcore, they even recorded their swings on my cammie :) hee

Late Dinner

Teo Chew Muay at Havelock Road ... warm porridge to end a hard day's work :)

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