Monday, March 05, 2007


my current lease is expiring come June/July this year ... and i'm starting to fret over it ... I like my current place a lot and am not keen on moving onto a new place to stay cos' I just have too much stuff to move! defaulted on my spring cleaning this year so its still a lot of clutter in the store room and some 'litter' here and there ... yeah, it sounds like I live in a sty ... but really, its not as bad as I make it out to be ...

besides, location is great ... centralized and close to mummy dearest ... erm, close to the (free) tennis courts too ... haha! love the high floor as well ...

seems like more people are moving out these days ... Odie is moving into her apartment this month ... Stace is gonna move into her uber-quaint Monk's Hill Terrace apartment come May ... oh man, those black and white walk-ups with a nice verandah ... *drool* ... would have loved to move in together with Stace but its too early to move!!! argh!!!

am keeping my fingers crossed that I can stay put for another year at least ... wish me luck!



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