Thursday, March 29, 2007

aaahh chhhooo

spent last weekend cleaning up the room i.e. transferring unwanted stuff from inside the room to outside the room ...

that's my short-term solution in order to clean up the clutter ... honestly, the clutter is still there ... except that it is now neater and slightly more organised ...

on Saturday, I traipsed my way down to IKEA hoping to search for a hat/coat rack in replacement for my vintage one from grandpa which collapsed under the haul of dresses (R.I.P. i'm still mourning the loss ... it was a really pretty rack ... )

but alas, IKEA only had 1 and pathetic rack to choose from ... and the hooks were too close together for my liking so I picked up some plastic boxes to organize the knick-knacks instead ...

made a trip to the newly opened AMK Hub on Sunday hoping to come across a decent rack ... only to arrive at zilch results ... guess such racks are not commonly found in the heartlands nor in Asia for that matter ... so I settled for ANOTHER clothes rack which had 2 bars ... making my total number of clothes racks to 5!!!!!

hmm ... had to figure out how to slot in another rack amidst the lack of space in the room ... after some rubik's cube manoeuvres I managed to fit it in! yay!!!

and and and I placed my butterfly lights on another wall ... it is now lighted up after being in hibernation

the cleaning up proved too much for me ... ended up with a runny nose on Monday due to the lack of rest (was clearing the clutter till the wee hours) *sniff*


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