Sunday, March 11, 2007

i felt the earth move ...

under my feet ... lalalala

yeah, so the song goes ... the earthquake earlier this week caused quite a ruckus ... was engaged in a phonecall when it happened ... felt a lil woozy but didn't think much about it cos' I was engrossed in conversation and thought that it was my colleague who was shaking my chair for no reason at all ... so anyway, I was hoping that the building would be evacuated to validate my extra long lunch that I had with the long lost SC-gals ...

other earth-shattering news this week ... we have a new (Master) Kutiya who rejoined the firm and now i have to work under her ... argh!!!!!

j-mee's ground-breaking news left me dumbfounded as well ... hey dude, we are all here for you man ... whenever, whatever ...

and and and

H&M has just opened in Hong Kong!!!!

oh my gawd!!!! I sooo wanted to buy a plane ticket and fly over immediately when Jas broke the news to me ...

temptation ....



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