Wednesday, March 28, 2007



yes, this is late i know ... but here is the documentation (ya lah, occupational hazard, everything also must document in order to cover my smarty @$$) on my 28th (sigh) ... which has come and gone like a whirlwind romance ...

1st celebration started with the 'ees' ... it was a triple celebration for tee (1st March), jee (17th March) and mee! (18th March)

Dinner at Brotzeit @ Vivocity ... succulent german sausages ... shall not describe any further else i'll start inviting lewd remarks from the bunch ... hehe ... crispy pork knuckle ...traditional desserts ... and of course BEER from Paulaner *burp*

all in all, a very good dinner with a nice laid back atmosphere with chill-out beats and excellent + friendly service ... the waiters were so accommodating that they even dimmed the lights just for us ... and come to think of it ... for no particular reason at all!

next stop was St James ... partied, partied, partied ... yet another failed attempt to check out Dragonfly ... guess the Ah Lian in me ain't powderful enuf to warrant a visit ...

was so bushed, I fell asleep on the table during supper only to be woken up when it was time to head home ...

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