Monday, March 12, 2007


It didn't dawn on me on how much older I am than my younger cousins until I received a Friendster request from my dear cousin Syb. At first I didn't know who she was ... *scratch head* some 17-year old wanting to be my friend??? Then realization settled in ... and enlightenment ! But gosh ... 17!!!!! Okay, I'm forgetting that brudder Leon is only 16 who will enter NS when I am 30 ... argh!!!!!!!!!! DEPRESSION!!!!!!!

I still remember the time I went to visit Syb when she was just a month old perhaps ... and now she is all grown up and in a 'domestic partnership' ... whatever that means for a 17-year old ... I really don't want to know ...

I guess I am still in this self-delusionary stage where my younger cousins never seem to grow up ... I loved playing and running amok with them and not after them! hahaha

oh oh oh ... as I am typing this, dear sista didn't even know who Syb was ... apparently our younger cousin is on a Friendster rampage ... hahaha

Sigh, kids ... they never grow up do they? *grin*

But wait ... 'domestic partnership'? hmm ... I'm not even at that stage yet ...



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