Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ms Piggy

Oh my gawd! The past week was full of pig out sessions!!! I seriously need to go on a diet or control my food intake ...

Uberburger on Monday night with fee (the new 'ee'? hmm...we'll see) and lee. Didn't have the funds to stomach the infamous one-oh-one burger, costing what else but $101. Settled for more reasonable choices which were still good nonetheless.

We had the official catch-up session on Tuesday night at Kazu Sumi-Yaki at Cuppage Plaza, serving a good round of yakitori sticks. Lee's recommendation and it didn't disappoint - it was darn good!!! In fact, the simplest appetizer of raw cabbage with miso past was surprisingly wonderful on the palate. Healthy yet packed with wholesome miso flavour. We ordered a whole range of skewers, ranging from the not so adventurous fare of sausages with cheese, asparagus with mushrooms, chicken skin, squid, lamb, wagyu beef (yeah baby!) ... to exotic Fear Factor cum @lloy's favourites of chicken heart and gizard. My favourite had to be the foie gras, which was really juicy and succulent.

Power Lunch on Friday at Brussel Sprouts (B.S.) located at The Pierside at Robertson Quay. Just next to Brasserie Wolf where we had our last Power Lunch. With mussels as the signature dish, @lloy/j-mee/lee/jee/sharon opted for the bucket of mussels done in different styles. However, it didn't live up to expectations as the mussels were ridiculously small ... actually, they were so tiny, they resembled clams instead.

fee/jacq/me opted for the $19.90 set lunch which was quite a disappointment. My mussels in vinegar was not appetizing at all, my duck linguine was served lukewarm and wasn't tasty enough, while fee + jacq's fish and chips didn't fare too well either. The only saving grace was dessert. The pecan pie + ice-cream / brownie + ice-cream was pretty good.

Wouldn't go back to B.S. as its really quite BS. By the way, its the same people that opened Archangel at Great World City as well, and if you remember, except for desserts, it sucked too.

So I can only conclude one thing. They are better at desserts!!!



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