Thursday, January 04, 2007

K Fever

I have caught the K bug from tee + lee!!!

In a single week, I finished Goong aka Princess Hours and My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (omg! how cute is Daniel Henney!!! *drool*)

Am now on to my next Korean drama ... My Girl! I am addicted!!!

So far the serials are all funny and lighthearted ... and not the soppy ones that leave one tugging at sleeves or reaching out for the tissue box every now and then ... ahhh, the wonders of YouTube ... this is bliss ...

Caught quite a number of movies in the past week as well ...

Borat - sickening funny + crude humour ... definitely not for the faint-hearted ... go catch if you are a huge Ali G fan ... otherwise, please please watch Da Ali G show on YouTube first to get a glimpse of what's in store ...

Blood Diamond - impressive performance from Leonardo DiCaprio... love the accent ... lotsa action ... good plot

Night At The Museum - feel good humour, whimsical characters and as always, Ben Stiller rocks!



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