Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sloshed ...

at the tax party held at Velvet ... what a way to ring in the new year and the upcoming tax season ...

in line with tradition, hard core drinkers reveal themselves (cos its free flow of booze) while the not so hard core ones get dragged into the downing of booze as well ... and also this year was not without scandals ... haha, ok i was exaggerating ... not that i know of any scandals that took place, but seriously, I felt that this year's party was more fun than usual ... with the excellent venue (my fav playground!) and greater group cohesiveness amongst the department (generally everyone was very sporting), we bagged the top prizes for both games that took place during the party ...

in the first game, J-dee, Darryl and myself took the prize for the beer drinking competition ... among the 5 teams that took part, we were the fastest team to finish a jug of beer through straws ... hehe, with J-dee around, we were definite winners!

in the second game, lee took the prize in the scavenger hunt thanks to the missing 5th clue ... to find a drunken person - ME!!! hahaha

yea, i almost got wasted after downing at least 20 shots of vodka/tequila amongst other drinks ... as Stef said ... the liver is evil and needs to be punished ... yea i know ... wtf?!

this has been the best tax party EVER!!!

:: jeremy + angie showing off their sexy moves ::

:: ooohh! bumped into keith ... 1st to celebrated his 2.8 ...

and of couse, we had damien's company as usual ::



Blogger Jellbell from Hell said...

Wahhh happening! You beer guzzler!! *burrppp*

5:26 pm  

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