Monday, June 18, 2007

The Kissing Project

Maybe I have been watching too much of 'The L Word'. But this header piqued my interest and I read on.

Extracted from, the author of the site is looking at compiling a series of photographs of people of the same gender locking lips ... whether erotically or romantically.

I quote "Does it make any sense that a same-sex kiss is allowed on celluloid, but not in still photographs? "

He does have a valid point there. And I am quite keen on how this project will turn out. Whether it would draw furore from the relevant authorities or whether it is a step towards a more open and liberal Singapore.

To my 'happy' friends, I salute you!

On the same note, more volunteers for the project are being asked to step forward. Psst! You can choose who you wanna kiss! Which reminds me of the proposal tee & I had (or still have?) with bee some 2 years back. That we would lock lips (for the fun of it) just to satiate his L fantasies .... oohhh ... kinky! But knowing bee, he wouldn't lah.

Tongue in cheek folks! Don't take me too seriously! Especially since Mum is reading this ...


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