Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3 Birthdays + 1 Wedding

May was a month of birthday celebrations.

Celebrated Vin Wee's birthday at Waraku @ Central.

And J-mee's birthday thereafter. A very tame celebration for dear J as compared to last year where most of us got sloshed. This year, we didn't touch a single drop of alcohol. Bummer! And to think Lee and I were dressed for the occasion, haha.

It was Angie's birthday the following week and it was also the day that my offer to purchase the apartment got accepted. So double happiness!

Dinner was at Sage @ Robertson Walk. FINALLY!!!

Expectations were high and Sage did not disappoint. It was pricey but it was worth it!

:: amuse bouche + appetizers ::

:: the mains - meat galore! ::

:: dessert ::


Also attended Jianning's aka Lynn's wedding in late May. Kinda like a mini reunion of the old SCGS gals.

Sat next to Wendy who's a teacher and 5 months preggers!!! But still looking good and in great shape. I still remember her as the girl who's swift on her feet in those 100m dashes during sports day.

Apparently yours truly is still recognizable and looks the same back in primary school. How funny!



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