Tuesday, October 03, 2006


*snip snip*

found out that more and more people are getting to know about my blog ... and i am truly gratified ... thank you for reading the frivolous (mostly gluttony) musings of mine ... i will continue to uphold my promise to cam-whore as much as i can :)

however, that also means more censorship ... i think i have been pretty good so far ... not much kutiya-ing these days ... although i did get pissed off today when yet AGAIN i got interrupted by 'who else' while i was engrossed in a conversation ... i mean, if its URGENT and its about work ... fine, interrupt by all means ... but when i am talking to someone (as in really engrossed and having a good time sharing stories) and its none of your business (its not as if we are close friends or anything) ... don't butt in with comments and just come around later can? things get thrown off-course ... blardee irritating ... hate it when i get butt-in everytime i hold long conversations (which doesn't happen very often) with my neighbour ... ok i have said my piece and shall not rant any further ...

oh yes, back to censorship ... shall refrain from kutiya-ing before the word spreads like wildfire ... so hopefully this ends the kutiya chronicles ... UNLESS the kutiya really f**ks up BIG TIME lah

oh yes yes, if anything tickles you or if you have anything to add/clarify, please leave comments ... it only takes a moment ... ehh ... yea i appreciate feedback (OMG, this sounds like an occupational hazard)




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