Saturday, September 30, 2006

Singapore Biennale 2006 - Tanglin Camp

The 3rd part of the Biennale series ... this time i roped in Chinyi to join me as well :)

yay! fellow camslut = more pics ... hehe

:: the hammocks are actually installation artwork ::

:: the above 2 pictures represent 2 artworks by Takashi Kuribayashi and they are my favs of the exhibits at Tanglin Camp ...
imagine Alice (In Wonderland) through the looking glass ...
to view the exbihits 'through the looking glass' one has to climb up the stairs and
voila! one becomes a frog in a pond ... peering up from the water into lush jungle greenery ...
in the other instance ... one becomes part of the aquarium ...
staring at visitors among a tank of corals ...
fun! ::



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