Thursday, September 28, 2006

Singapore Biennale 2006 - City Hall

Went for another Biennale series ... this time at City Hall ... a lot more exhibits here as compared to the National Museum ...

Joined the on-site tour which lasted 1 - 1.5 hours ... a good choice as it gave better insight into the artists and their respective works ... given that 99% of the exhibits did not have any narrations in order for one to appreciate the artwork ... however, if one really wants on-site narrations, the other alternative is to use a mobile phone to dial into a dedicated line which will then blurt out the necessary info ... bleah!

It was a very enriching experience ... since i have never been inside City Hall itself ... quite a thrill to walk through the hallways ... into the judges' chambers *grinz* + the courtrooms *grinz grinz* without being criminalised :)

Am not gonna elaborate on the exhibits this time as there were too many ... came across some very disturbing ones too :(

No pictures of my visit as well ... due to poor lighting + quite a number of video installations ...

oh yes, here i am pigging out again ... this time at the alley of Keong Saik Road for some very good Zhe Char + drinks at Whatever cafe ...

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