Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Singapore Biennale 2006 - National Museum

extracted from the

Singapore Biennale 2006 Website :

"BELIEF is the theme for Singapore's first visual arts biennale.

If today's world has painfully called into question many certainties governing society, history and humankind, can it also be described as an era of uncertainty in which the very subject of belief is in question?

In the context of this so-called crisis of values, what do we individually and collectively believe in? Do we act on our beliefs or is belief simply a mindless act?

Are the religious beliefs communicated by the great faiths more relevant than the secular beliefs in science, progress, democracy and politics that succeeded them? Or has the conflict between the two spawned such states of violent and ethical extremism in the service of religious and economic power that belief in anything appears incomprehensible?

Are we beyond belief or at the threshold of its revival?"

Well, one thing's for sure ... i believe i was near boredom after staying at home the past 2 days and therefore the decision to check out the SB exhibits at the National Museum after hearing about The Last Supper from Andrew ... who remarked that as a foodie ... i needed to catch it ... and so i did!

The Last Supper by artists Bigert and Bergstrom is a single channel video installation ... its a very interesting documentary about the tradition of giving condemned prisoners a last meal of their choosing (in most cases) before they are executed ... very stylishly done, creative cinematography with the right undertones to match ... it has some very poignant moments ...

it is also interesting to note that in some prisons, the last supper is replaced by sweet vice i.e. alcohol/tobacco ... while some unfortunate ones are not accorded such a luxury and its straight to the gallows for them ...

apart from convicts, even animals were mentioned ... sheep are fed a good last meal before they are slaughtered for religious purposes ...

Some quotes (as i remember it) worth pondering ...

"mention the last supper/meal ... and it is somehow synonymous with executions" - largely due to Christian teachings where Jesus had his last supper with his disciples

"convicts who maintain that they are innocent often refuse the last supper" - probably because they uphold their innocence above everything else and hence the unimportance of having a last good meal

"the last supper serves to fortify the soul as it makes it journey towards Hades" - don't forget, even spirits need to eat! hence the offerings during the 7th month period

a 58 minute film ... its well worth the S$5 entrance fees for the SB exhibit at the National Museum ... go catch!

oh yes, the SB volunteers at the National Museum were so sweet ... they gave me a whole bunch of SB badges!!! there are 95 different ones to choose from ... one stands to win a plasma TV if all 95 badges are collected ...

lemme know if anyone wants some of the badges ... i don't know what to do with them really :)

some very expensive afternoon tea at The V Tea Room @ Esplanade ... very pretty place ... very victorian ... very Marie Antoinette (can't wait for the movie to be released! i love the soundtrack already! *i waannnt caaandy!!!*) ... with great cakes (and prices) to match ...

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