Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Wedding

it's not The Wedding .... it's THE Wedding ...

Cousin Lavinia + Moe Sing got married today and I wasn't expecting the dinner to be much fanfare ...

was so wrong ... never did i expect The President, SR Nathan to be one of the invited guests!!! plus a whole lot of CNA newcasters + other very distinguished (read : old) looking people ... sigh ...

coming from a huge fam-Lee (the Lee Clan has 11 siblings and therefore lots of cousins for me) where EVERYONE gathers during CNY/Weddings ... it never fails to amaze me how fast my lil cousins have grown up ... the youngest of the lot has shot up lots in height and is no longer the lil whiny kid who loves Thomas the Tank Engine ... the in-betweens are in Uni/NS/just started work ... age just creeps up on me during such gatherings ... oh man ... old already :(

and of course ... the inevitable question looms ... who will be the next to get married ...

:: with Mama Lee + cousins ::

:: Leon ... camwhoring away ::

:: love this pic of the blings ::



Blogger vnsa said...

it was mum who kept taking pics of LEON! haha even when he wasnt looking. your mother is MADDDDD

12:10 pm  

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