Tuesday, September 26, 2006

mooncake mutations

okay ... just when i thought Singaporeans had no originality ...

they do! apparent in mooncakes that is ...

more interesting flavours that some places have come up with :

For Coffee-Lovers ...

Teh Tarik Ice-Cream Mooncake wrapped in Coffee Flavoured Pastry Skin - Swensen's

For the Health Conscious ...

Baked Mooncake with Ginseng, Wolfberries, Melon Seeds & White Lotus Paste - Raffles The Plaza

Treasures of Cherry Garden Mini Mooncake :Snowy Skin with Lychee, Snowy Skin with Red Dates, Traditional Silver Lotus Paste and Savoury Dried Scallop paste (eewww!) - The Oriental Hotel

For the Chocoholics ...

Lavender Truffle Mini Snow Skin - Bakerzin

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Ice-Cream Mooncake - Swensen's

For the Alcoholics ...

Single Malt Whisky Truffle Mini Snow Skin - Bakerzin

Pink Champagne Truffle Mini Snow Skin - Bakerzin

Chocolate Baileys Mooncake Snowskin - Fullerton Hotel + Raffles The Plaza + a whole lot of other places

and it gets better ...

Mini Snow Skin Tiramisu Mooncake with Bailey's Irish Cream Truffle - Hotel Rendezvous

+ + +

the fastest (and cheapest) route to being a mooncake connoisseur?

just visit the mooncake fair at the basement of Taka and try the free samples :)

nope, i have not done that YET ...

+ + +

serious buyers ... check your credit card (UOB/Citibank/OCBC have pretty good offers) for merchant discounts ... as much as 15% to 20% off!



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